Interior Painting Cost

Professional interior painting costs are important factors to be considered while thinking of getting the interiors of your house painted. You may also consider the costs if you turn it into a DIY project.
For getting a rough evaluation of the overall cost of getting your house interiors painted, it is better if you calculate the cost per square foot. Many times, people decide on a rough estimate. Then they inadvertently end up paying an additional amount, just because they did not think over the expenses minutely. Moreover, you can save a substantial amount by doing the job yourself.

Depending on a few factors, the cost of interior painting can differ. The two most important factors are:
  • If you plan to get it done professionally
  • If you plan to do it yourself
If you are adventurous, and have free time to paint the house yourself, then the DIY method will definitely save you money. On the other hand, hiring professionals, though more expensive than the DIY method, leaves you hassle-free, and ensures that a good job will be done.

Professional Costs
If you want to get the job done on a contract basis, you need to understand that professionals fix their costs on several different determinants:
  • Size of the room
  • How much trim is to be painted
  • How much preparation the surfaces would require prior to painting
  • The type and quality of paint
  • How many coats of paint are to be put on
  • How many furniture items need to be moved, covered, or worked around
The costs may even differ from job to job, contractor to contractor, and location to location. So, for getting the best affordable prices, you need to conduct an exhaustive survey of quotations in your neighborhood. Typically, a better method to shop for home improvement is to ask three separate contractors to assess your project. After they are done with the evaluation, ask them for written quotations, including the scope of work to be carried out, and the particular materials to be used. This is the most efficacious technique to get your project researched, determine the approximate cost, and find out which contractor would be most suitable for the job. Even if you avail the services of the contractor, you still have to buy the paint. Getting a 144 square feet room painted would cost you somewhere around $200-$400, and for a 180 square feet room, the cost would be about $300-$700. If you want all rooms painted in a 1,500 square feet house, you would need to pay approximately between $1,200 and $2,000.

DIY Costs
If you are planning to take the job as a DIY task, you need to pay attention to few simple things that relate to the overall cost. The best results come from employing quality tools and equipment, so you have the option of hiring or buying those tools that a professional crew would work with. Moreover, you also need to get information pertaining to the various kinds of colors, shades, and brands of paint, which you think would work best, according to your personal preferences. Few of the cheaper paints may need multiple coats, and some may need a primer coat. Alternatives to these can cost a bit extra at first, but have the advantage of looking good just after a single coat. You also would need to pay heed to the durability.

After totaling up the expenses of equipment hire, the time it would take to ready the room and surface for painting, the time it would require to research and decide on the best paint, and the amount of energy needed in the job; the professional costs, though slightly on the higher side, may seem to be the best option. The DIY costs include buying two gallons of primary color paint for a 144 square feet room. Here, you may have to pay $30-$50 for a gallon of paint. For a typical 1,500 square feet house, the supplies may take $250-$350 for average paint, and $400-$600 for higher quality paint. Also, be ready to spend $10-$50 for other essential accessories like primer, brushes, rollers, drop clothes, etc. Including other knick-knacks, the total cost for a DIY job for a 1,500 square feet house should be around $700-$800.

These are just some of the determinants of interior painting costs. However, you also need to be ready for some other miscellaneous expenses that you may come across.
By Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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