Interior Painting Ideas for Living Room

Get some of the best interior painting ideas for living room in the following article. Implement these ideas and convert your living rooms into an eye-catching space that every visitor will envy!
Living room forms the most prominent area of your home interiors. As you work on the house renovation or home improvement project, paint colors used to color up the walls play an important role in the final output. Painting the walls in the best way forms a perfect base for further interior decoration work. Adding wall decor, furniture and furnishings mainly depends upon the paint colors use to color the walls. So get the best interior painting ideas for living room in the following article and move on to spice up the entire area.

Ideas for Painting Your Living Room

Colors For Walls and All
One of the interior painting ideas for living room is to choose a color scheme first. This not only includes choosing colors for your walls, but also for the doors, windows, door and window frame, trim, ceiling, furniture and furnishings. While the items like new furniture, curtains and other furnishings like rugs, carpets, sofa covers, pillow covers will be added later, but deciding the entire living room color scheme will help you get a rough idea of how the room will look. This will also help you know whether all decided wall color combinations are complimenting each other. Definitely, wall colors must be the base for choosing rest of the colors.

The Classy Neutrals
While you choose from various interior paint colors for a living room, make sure you create a balanced color effect. Here's one of the best interior painting color ideas for doing this. Coloring maximum space in neutrals and highlighting specific areas like focal walls in bright colors is the trick. Even if you want to create a mood as mentioned in the next paragraph, make sure you pair that particular shade with neutrals. Neutral colors must cover major section of a room. This helps you add vibrant and fresh looking furnishings. White forms the best neutral color for a living room, which can help you have an amazing area with colorful accents added later. One of the interior painting ideas for living room is to use neutrals like gray or beige. Off-white or cream also offer the best neutral color for vibrant shades.

Create a Mood
While choosing a color scheme, you can pick shades to create a mood. The choice of wall paint colors varies from person to person. While some might be loving a calm look, others would find the energetic effect as the best one. But if entire family agrees upon creating a particular mood, you can have great looking living rooms. Though the shades like flashy fluorescent shades are not for living rooms, you can look at other vibrant and energetic shades like red and orange. To create a cool and calm mood, go for the greens. Sage being the best of greens when paired with gray. Olive green is also a perfect pick. One of the living room painting ideas is to have a cheerful and eye-catching effect with the soft yellows and pair it with gray or white. Have a royal living space with dashing purple added to one of the walls.

Apart from this you can play up the area by adding contrasting trims and borders for window frames. With wall texture techniques done to highlight a specific wall, especially the focal areas, you can have a trendy space. Picking the right tone for your living room decor and pairing each color with a perfect combo is the key to well finish living space. If you are bad at colors, best to take an expert advice and have the best for your house. Then, what are you waiting for? Check the color palette and decide your pick!
By Mamta Mule
Published: 10/4/2010
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