Into The Door...

Fiery hells...
I was once a child of light
But now my heart is covered with darkness
Those who once claimed to be with me abandoned me they day I died
Without a word, the one I loved the most was the one who killed me
Tears in his eyes, he cried as he drove the blade through my heart
I still can remember the cold, warm tears falling onto my skin
As he cradled me in his arms
He sung softly to me, after they all left
He said he was sorry, he had no choice
That he loved me and would see me soon
As I closed my eyes, I felt something warm cover me
With my last breath I opened my eyes
The world was black and he was red
He died in my arms as I died in his
And together we walked the halls of hell
Hand in hand into the open door....
Published: 9/21/2008
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