Into the Void

The need to flee from life itself.
Do you ever get that urge to scream,
To shout and bawl your way out of the dream?
Do you ever feel like life's an illusion,
Spinning round your head in a ball of confusion?
Do you ever feel the need to jump off,
Just to see if life is one big bluff?
Then take my hand and we can stand on the sill,
And step of the edge into the void... If you will!

The horizon hides another nightmare,
You can't run away from it forever,
Scream till your lungs burn, it won't go away,
It'll race with the wind and catch you one day,
And try as you may, there's no place to hide,
From that which takes root in your subconscious mind.
That infinite plague on your sanity,
Is merely the call of your vanity.

Do anxious thoughts provoke your fear?
Do you need to hightail it out of here?
Are you frightened by your mirrored reflection,
Troubled by your lack of direction?
Are there times when you don't know who you are?
Do you ever feel pickled, in a jar?
Then free yourself, take my hand,
And step off into the void... If you can!
Published: 4/22/2014
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