Introverted Masochist

Realities are intertwined..
Forgive them their debts
For when they are dead
Who is to pay?

Oh won’t you see me
Instead of the vision in your head
Give me a reason
To not dream to be dead.

Oh won’t you see me
Instead of the angel perceived
Give me a silhouette
And trace the tears that i bleed

The picture is damaged
Like the models heart
Damaged like the world
Of which she wishes to be a part

But she’s set aside
Pushed to the back of the book
Undermined with every word
Murdered with every look.

Sitting in the dark
Long into the empty night
She abandons her motives
That once caused her to fight.

Nobody cared anymore
About what she had to say
And for the universes sins
She was indebted to pay.

She falls to her knees
And speaks to the sky
I’ve never needed to know until now
So I must ask... Why?
Published: 12/29/2008
Bouquets and Brickbats