iPad and School!

My teacher and my iPad. This is a funny poem, based on a real incident.
I brought iPad to school,
To show that how much it is cool,
But my teacher said: Our school has a rule!
That we shouldn’t bring an iPad to school…
She took it and said that, "I would never give it back,"
And my friends thought of me 'So sad'.

But after a while my teacher changed her mind,
And said that I will give it back after a while…

She called me and asked for headset!
Then said, "I have decided for your right punishment,"
"For now wait, for the right time,"
"You are getting late; I will tell you after a while."

When I went afterwards to apologize for my mistake,
She said, "It’s too late."
"For your punishment is to bring iPad to school everyday."

Since that day I take iPad to school everyday,
But not for me for my teacher!!
My friends thought of me 'Oh, you poor creature'.
Published: 4/10/2012
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