Is Meat Bad for You?

With increased awareness about health and fitness, the necessity of meat consumption has become the current hot topic for debates. This article shares some insights on meat consumption.
According to some health experts, non vegetarian eaters are most likely to face more health hazards. They are prone to acquire high blood pressure, obesity, piles, colon cancer, gallstones, anemia, constipation, and diabetes, etc. People eating red meat are at higher risk of contracting heart diseases, as it is extremely high on lipids and is not easily digestible. On the other hand, some health experts say that meat is good for health as it is high on proteins and digestive fats which are essential for the transport and secretion of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. Caught in these controversial statements, I will not talk about why is meat bad for you? Instead I will tell you about the cons due to which meat has been labeled as bad, so that you can decide on your own.

For Your Body
It is observed that many animals (chickens, lambs, beefs, pigs, goats, etc.) are fed with foods, chemicals, and drugs that increases their weight artificially for the obvious profit reasons. But these chemical are harmful for humans and can cause various diseases. Some animals are also given excessive antibiotics and tranquilizers in order to keep them disease free and quiet. These drugs enter into human body through meat and can bring hormonal changes in humans. Hygiene level in the slaughterhouses is also an issue of concern, as it can cause various infections to animals and humans. But these things can be taken care of by providing animals with proper health care and clean environment. In many countries, inducing growth hormones in animals is banned and proper government regulations have been laid to see that animals grow naturally in clean and open environment. There are various benefits of eating meat, that you can avail if you consume clean, healthy meat in moderate amounts.

For Your Health
As I mentioned earlier, non vegetarians are most likely to get affected with various health ailments such as, colon cancer. Some scientists say that compounds found in red meat are responsible to trigger the process of nitrosation in the stomach, that leads to bowel cancer. Excessive consumption of red meat also affects the bones in human body. In the digestion process, the meat leaves behind the acid residues, which needs be neutralized with the alkalizing minerals extracted from the bones. This make bones weaker leading to osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Meat is also high on dietary cholesterol that can cause various cardiac diseases. Lately, a research study has also shown that non vegetarian women can also acquire breast cancer due to excessive meat consumption. This happens due to increased amount of iron levels in the body. But these research studies are not sure if only the meat is responsible for these diseases and they have also mentioned that moderate consumption of meat is not hazardous to health.

For Your Skin
The beauty industry is also consciously discussing over the ill effects of meat on the skin. Well, there are no evidences if the meat is bad for skin. Generally, the meat is cooked with lot of oil and spices. The oil and spices in the meat causes acne on the skin but if you eat boiled meat without oil then it helps you to keep skin problems at bay. Many studies have also shown that people who follow vegetarian diet face the same skin problems as non vegetarians. It is also said that excessive meat consumption causes arthritis and psoriasis that has an adverse effect on the skin but there is no direct link between skin problems and eating meat. So because of the lack of evidence, I would say that meat is neither harmful or nor beneficial for your skin.

With this information, I am sure you would make the right choice as per your preference. This issue is quite complex and one can debate endlessly on this. Some say eating meat is natural because from the time of inception, human beings hunted for animals and ate them too. This is the part of natural food chain cycle. Whereas, others say that mass animal carnage is not natural and there is nothing much you can get from meat that you can't get from vegetables and fruits. So, now the ball is in your court! My suggestion for you would be to stop wondering and start following a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, that keeps you fit and healthy.
By Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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