Is She the One?

The question which every guy is bound to ponder upon at some point..
Is she the one?
The question I keep asking myself
Trying to unravel the meaning
Of that deep look I get from her..

As I feel at peace in the silent serenity of her smile..
Reassuring and yet making my heart skip a beat
All at the same time..
Filling me with warmth inside..

She makes me cast away
My cloak of cynicism
And look at life with bright eyes again..
Full of possibilities..

Her words are like the soothing touch of cool breeze..
Her silences are eloquent..
All comparisons fade in front of her..
I can be myself with her..

The mind drifts and floats with thoughts of her..
Extraordinarily slowing down time in the process..
Still my steps falter as I approach her
With the thought of breaking this beautiful spell..
As I think.. what if she is not..
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 7/25/2011
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