It Happened...Chapter One

Join me in my new novel about the world ending. For those of you waiting for the conclusion of The Bride of Dracula, its coming soon!
No one would have ever thought the world would come to an end. It's something we think about seldom but not all the time. It's something scholars write on, more than one occasion. I was one of the believers that the world would end but I didn't think it would end in my era, only to begin again. As I sit here and think back to those events before the world above me shut down, I think of what peace there is down here. Before this, there was nothing but war and strife. My name is Shasta, I'll begin by my introduction. This is my story of it happening:

The day was clear and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. When I woke up I threw the covers back and immediately rushed to the bathroom. It was an every morning duty that I was in the bathroom before dawn touched the skies. My husband Bryan would turn on the news and then get up to go make coffee. As soon as I relieved myself I could smell the aroma of coffee-making in our small kitchen. Our daughter Chloe slept peacefully in her own room opposite ours. Bryan kissed my cheek, "Hello my dearest. How are you this morning?"

I smiled partially and then yawned, "I'm feeling alright I guess. How are you doing?" He nodded he was doing alright. I then went from the kitchen into the utility room to check on last nights load of laundry. I knew Byran would soon be getting a shower while I fixed a light breakfast. It was the meaning of our day. He would eat breakfast and by that time, Chloe would come running in to see her Daddy. After breakfast I could hear Chloe running down the hallway. She came in and jumped on her Daddy's lap. Seeing the happiness in her eyes made me feel bubbly inside.

Byran left for work and that is when the first signs began. From our tiny driveway we could see a small meteor streak across the sky. Miles away, somewhere in the National park, the meteor landed. I could see the brilliant flash of light, brighten the skies. Bryan and I looked at each other for a moment and then I screamed out as more meteors began to shower around the neighborhood. People began to come out and stare at the skies and then the panic began to begin. People ran down the street madly waving their arms.

I could hear the news when I went back in coming from our TV in the bedroom. The man stated that Los Angeles had already seen three tornados, two lightning storms, and a 9.4 magnitude earthquake. The aerial pictures that you could see revealed that tall buildings had collapsed and people lay dead in the middle of the streets. More news came on revealing a Tsunami was on its way towards Japan. I felt my lip trembling as the president came on. All of this was happening so fast.

The president said, "Fellow citizens and countrymen, I am sorry to inform you that what we thought was impossible, has happened. The world is coming to an end. Already in India, China, and Russia, volcanoes have been reported. Los Angeles has been devastated by an earthquake, three tornadoes, and lightning storms. Many people are already dead. This is a time that we must face together. It is a time we must pull together as a world and help each other. With this being said, I am going to tell you this, as your leader, as a human being. You must pack as much as you can and move towards Mexico and South America. The poles are changing and with this comes more things. Winter will happen and the polar ice caps will melt. This will cause more catastrophe. We are prepared as much as possible. Thank you. May God help us all!"

I felt chills go up my arms. Never in all of my years did I think the world would end this way. Polar ice caps melting...tornadoes...earthquakes and tsunami's. This was all impossible to think about at one time in life when especially my own parents were living. They were the type they would have a glass of lemonade and sit out on the front porch imagining what the big lawyers were bringing home a week. Now everything that our past fathers had worked for, was coming to a halt.

Tears escaped my eyes as I thought more about it. Chloe tugged on my dress and asked, "Mama what's happening?" I smiled through my tears and knelt down in front of her, "Don't worry about it baby. We're going to get packed up and head on a little road trip. Won't that be fun?"

Moments later Chloe and I were in my Tahoe heading south to Arkansas. I lived in a small town in Alabama. As I was pulling onto the interstate I could only think of Bryan and him having to actually be at his job. I called his cell and asked, "When are you going to be able to leave?" He worked for the National Weather Service. He said, "I don't know, Shasta. We're doing the best we can and with every think so unpredictable, I might be here awhile. Take Chloe and go to El Paso to my parents house. I will be there as soon as I can. I love you both. Give Chloe kisses for me."

I felt my lips tremble as I said I love you back to him. I hung up and continued to drive towards Texas. Just then the radio blasted a warning of flash flooding from surrounding rivers. I shook my head. That was almost impossible to imagine!

Chloe looked at me in the rear view mirror, "Mama are we going to die?!"

I shook my head, "No honey everything is going to be just fine. You just sit tight back there and look at the scenery." In truth it might be the last time she ever saw green trees and shrubs. That brought tears to my eyes yet again. I couldn't imagine life without the world and what it offered.

I had yet to see what would happen...
Published: 5/26/2010
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