It Happens, So What?

Everything happens for a reason.
Well, it is obvious that in our life we do lot of things, but after a moment we think that we should not have done it. We repent by saying to ourselves, 'I was stupid', 'I was fool', 'how could I think that way at that moment?' etc. May be we forget that destiny made us do it at that moment and we wouldn't have done it in other way.

We forget that a minute after minute and even a second after second, the ideas in our mind develop. You may think that what I am saying makes no sense. What I am about to say now is a kind of philosophy. I am losing my mind, but if you stop and think for just a moment, you will get what I am saying is just something to think of.

Well, let's take an example, a girl who spoke to someone on Facebook for days. One day that someone asked her to be his girlfriend. The girl freaked out at the moment and she told him, 'sorry, I am seeing someone'. After days passed away, she saw that same guy, he had great personality and he was handsome. She discovered, he was the same guy whom she told that stuff on Facebook. She was shocked at her own decision why couldn't she control herself while chatting that guy. Was I unlucky? If she knew him before, she would have said 'yes', but now it was too late.

You will say what a strange example it is! Looking at this example, you must be laughing, but the fact is what happened in her life. She came to know that he was Mr. Perfect, but now it was too late.

This is a short story or example that we learn. Saying, 'why me, poor me, oh me,' won't help you anyway. It is meant to happen, so don't blame yourself. Life is about logic, the logic of destiny. Blaming yourself is just a waste of energy. Being angry at yourself won't change anything. Therefore, when something happens, it happens for a reason.

Don't get mad when a bad thing happens in your life. Just smile because it happens, who knows maybe if it didn't happen, your life would be worst than what you thought of.
Published: 2/20/2014
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