It's All Greek (5)

Phoenix ~
Phoenix's POV

After a long month of preparing for this damn wedding, it had finally come and gone. Nerita was absolutely beautiful. Her tanned skin against her white dress was stunning. She had picked a dress that was fitted, with lace sleeves and had a decent sized train behind her. She insisted on wearing navy blue heels to match the wedding colors, and she pulled them off.

As we stood there, I couldn't help but stare at her as the priest conducted the wedding. She was just so damn attractive, I could barely stand still. It was hell living with her. She walked around in shorts and a tank top, every time we were home together, and God did she have the body of a damn goddess. We still slept in separate rooms because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, but it was getting harder and harder not try to make a move on her. She was so lovely, and I would have considered us friends at this point.

Once I put that ring on her finger, I knew, I was in for it. No turning back now. And then, we kissed. For the first time since I picked her up from the airport we had physical contact, other than some hand holding and a few quick hugs. Her lips were full and soft, making the kiss perfect.

When I pulled away, I could see something behind those gorgeous green eyes of hers, but as quick as it was there, it was gone and I never knew what it was. At the reception, she spent most of the night meeting my family and closest friends. They all fell in love with her, especially Dad.

"You know son, I didn't know what she was like, but now that I do, I can see she's right for you." He commented sipping on some expensive scotch that he only broke out for special occasions.

I nodded, "Nerita is a great person. I'm glad I didn't end up with some monster."

He laughed and clapped me on the back, "Oh son, just wait until she starts having children. There has never been a creature more frightful than a pregnant Greek woman."

The color drained from my face. Oh my God, kids. We would probably end up having kids. I would be a father.

Holy shit, I'm married. It had never really sunk in until that very moment. I went through the rest of the reception on autopilot, until Nerita asked me to go home. She must have been exhausted. When we were finally home, we both collapsed on the couch. I looked at Nerita who looked back at me and began laughing.

"We're fucking married!" I exclaimed examining the ring on my finger.

"I cannot believe it either," she played with her own ring, "the ring is very beautiful. Thank you."

I waved it off, "No problem, I saw it and thought of you. It was perfect."

"But this blue sapphire stone must have cost much money," Nerita looked so troubled.

I grabbed her hand, "Hey, don't even think about the money. We're married now, and that means that whatever I have, you have. You have cards in your name under my account. You can use it how you please."

She pulled me into a tight hug, "Thank you for being so kind. And not throwing me out when I burned your hand."

I laughed, "Don't even think about it. The scar is pretty cool. I enjoy it to be honest."

She smiled at me and kissed my cheek. "I am going to bed now," she stood and headed to her room, leaving her heels behind. She stopped at the door and looked back at me, "We are married now, married couples do not sleep apart in the Greek culture, in love or not."

I watched as Nerita walked into the bedroom. I sighed. I knew she was right, all married couples slept together, it was a tradition.

I went into the guest bedroom and grabbed a few articles of clothing before heading into the bedroom.

I walked in to find Nerita's wedding dress laid out on the bed and the shower running. I gently picked it up and went to hang it in the closet. It smelled like her, all fruity and soft.

I sighed closing the door to the closest and peeled off my tux. I couldn't even think about showering. I was too exhausted. I stripped to my tank top and boxers, throwing all my clothes on the floor at the foot of the bed. I was a slob, but I couldn't care less. As soon as my head hit the pillow, it was lights out for me.


Sometime during the night, I could hear whimpering. I thought it might be a cat outside or something so I ignored it. But then I heard a scream and shot up startled. I turned to find Nerita thrashing and screaming. I held her still, but she kept thrashing. "Nerita! Wake up!"

Her eyes flew open terrified and jumped back from my touch like I burned her. "Παρακαλώ μην με αγγίζετε (Please don't touch me)," she whispered.

I put my hands up to show I wouldn't. "Είσαι εντάξει Νερίτα? (Are you okay, Nerita?)"

She shook her head, "Μην ανησυχείτε, θα είμαι εντάξει. Απλά ένα κακό όνειρο. Ας πάμε πίσω στον ύπνο (Do not worry, I'll be okay. Just a bad dream. Let's go back to sleep)."

I nodded. We got back into bed and under the covers. I could feel her still shaking and decided to pull her close to me. She took in a breath, like she was terrified, "Σσσς, είναι εντάξει. Εγώ δεν θα σας βλάψει (Shhh, it's okay. I won't hurt you)." I tried to sooth her.

I felt her relax in my arms and soon sleep took us again. But I couldn't help, but wonder what had given her that terrified look in her eyes.
Published: 12/19/2014
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