It's Alright

The final acceptance of the hurt received from someone, and love that you still have for them despite the pain caused.
Speaking to you,
Connecting with you once more,
Is as if you are applying Vicks to my heart and soul,
Alleviates the cold I had from your absence,
And for those few seconds you are around,
I am healed.

You are a long ago,
And now you have become a minute ago,
Be with me once more,
I cannot fathom my life without you,
Residual condensed eyes,
When I think of you not with me no more.

Whether you are far or near,
Hold me dear…ly,
Like that one moment,
Where we were cycloned in our first kiss,
Both our firsts,
You were my primary sense.
So I do not want to feel so dense.

You were the only one,
Who would comma my not so common sense,
But you punctuated my heart,
When took up my heart and yours,
And just made a drastic depart,
What you did not take was my memory of you,
Which remains with me as something true,
And that sometimes makes me smile.

The moments where I struggled to explain me,
You would pick up my brush and paint me,
And it would all make sense,
That I was who I am and you simply illuminated that,
You were there to convince me of my beauty,
But you stole your masterpiece of clarity.

A thief to my heart,
Your habit was throwing darts,
Yet I still placed myself at bull’s-eye,
Every time you pushed me back a hundred light years away,
I guess that was something I could not control,
Love made me be that e-toll.

But one thing I am proud of is,
I died a lot inside,
Yet my soul sparked my heart,
To be a rising phoenix,
To soar once more and,
Love once more and over again,
It’s Alright.
Published: 1/29/2012
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