It's Just A Feeling

Umm... it's just some feelings... please comment. Be kind.
I was scared,
The weather was horrible,
The wind cried out loud,
The leaves of the trees were howling,
The bells of the temple were making weird scary cling-clangs.

I was alone,
You appeared, I hugged,
You smirked and let out an evil chuckle.

Suddenly, you disappear, I only hear your vanishing laugh,
I creep to the windowpane,
My chest bleeding,
I see my heart lying on the earth, broken.

The wind let out a scream,
It starts to rain,
The sky cries, my eyes rain.
I realize, you are gone,
Anger covers me inside out,
I push it further more.

Thunder approaches,
I despise the lightnings,
I close my eyes, they feel heavy,
I pick the broken heart,
Seal it with my tears, stuff it inside my chest,
I let the last drop fall and dry my eyes.

The sky clears,
The sun shines,
I smile,
But I can still smell the wet ground.
Published: 2/5/2013
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