It's Just Too Late - Chapter 11

Chapter 11, the next chapter will probably be more interesting.
"Here you go, it's nothing fancy, but I didn't have a lot of time." I smile as I set plates in front of Ben and Charlie.

I watch as Charlie glances at Ben with a huge smile on his face and says, "Mac and cheese is my favorite! Thanks mom!" He grins up at me, and starts to dig in to his plate. I smile back at him and ruffle his hair before I turn back to the kitchen quickly. I get into the small room and stare down at the macaroni and cheese, what has my life come to? 10 years ago, I never thought I'd be a single mom just introducing my son to his father. Obviously, whatever I thought then was wrong.

"Hey, are you going to join us?" Ben asks, leaning against the wall in-between the kitchen and dining room. Glancing over at him, his hair is perfectly messy and he has on a plaid button up shirt and a pair of sexily warn jeans, slung low on his hips. "Chrissy?" He asks, and I jerk my head back up to focus on his face to see the sexy smirk on his face.

"Hmm?" I mumble, and start scooping mac and cheese onto another plate, "I'll be out in a minute, I was just cleaning up a little bit. Go eat, I'll be right there." I smile sweetly at him, and he decides to lean in closer to me, making my breath catch in my throat.

Brushing his fingers down my cheek and then moving my hair to behind my shoulder, his lips slowly lower to my ear and he whispers, "I know you want me. Why don't you get rid of Alex and then we can be a family. I wouldn't have left if I knew you went through with it." With his sly smirk, he moves his lips closer to mine, pauses, and then turns to leave the kitchen, leaving me with his scent surrounding me.

I watch silently as he walks back into the dining room, and groan quietly because I'd been so close to giving in to him. Do I still have feelings for Ben? He left so many years ago; I can't forgive him for that... Can I?


After Ben, left, I tucked Charlie in and read to him, before calling Alex. "Hey, how'd it go?" Alex asks when he answers his phone, and I sigh into the phone. "That bad, huh?"

"Yes, it was terrible. I don't know how I ever went out with that guy." I lie as I lie down on the couch. "I was wondering if you would want to come over?" I ask like a young schoolgirl asking out her crush. "Please." I whisper, and I can hear Alex's chuckle and I can tell he tries hiding it with a cough.

Taking a deep breath, Alex replies, "Of course. I'll be there in about 20 minutes. Is it ok if I spend the night?" He speaks and I can tell he's smiling.

Nodding like a little kid, I can't help but laugh because I know he can't see me. "What else would you do?" I question, "Well, I'll see you soon, I guess? I was going to jump in the shower really fast. The doors unlocked, just come on in." I smirk, knowing that he understands what I'm implying.

"I'll be there as soon as I can." He adds, and then hangs up the phone.


"Morning," I smile at Alex once he wakes up finally. "I didn't want to wake you, you looked so peaceful in your sleep." I laugh, and place a soft kiss on his forehead. "Charlie and I are about to leave. It's seven thirty, but stay as long as you wish." I add, and stand up from the bed. I'd woken up at my normal time, but Alex and I had stayed up pretty late so I didn't want to wake him up until I left.

Yawning, Alex stands up and finally speaks, "You should've woken me up, I could've helped you make breakfast or something."

"Well, Charlie's still eating so there's plenty of dishes left." I smirk at him, and finish applying my makeup. I finish up and turn around to face Alex again, to see that he'd gotten dressed and was attempting to fix his tie. "Here, let me help." I smile, and fix the tie for him.

"Well, I guess you should go? I can stay and clean up before I leave, I don't need to be at work until 8:30." Alex smiles, and leads the way out of my room toward the living room and then into the kitchen.

Looking up from his plate, Charlie smiles, "Alex!" He shouts, and runs over to give Alex a hug, before I cut in, "Alright Charlie, time to go get your stuff for school. Your lunch is in the fridge, I'm going to go clean up in the kitchen with Alex for a minute. I'll meet you by the door." I finish, and Alex and I head into the kitchen, Alex carrying Charlie's plate.

Before I get very far into the kitchen, I freeze at the sight of Ben standing over the sink, washing dishes. "Um... What are you doing?" I ask him, and he turns around to look at me.

"I thought I'd come by and offer you and Charlie a ride. I live a few blocks away so I thought we could carpool... Charlie let me in and said you weren't ready yet, so I thought I'd help clean up... What the hell is he doing here?" Ben asks, with an undeniable attitude, that would obviously make anyone mad if it were they he was referring to.

Taking a deep breath, Alex starts to reply, but I interrupt, "It's none of your business what he's doing here." I comment, and earn a glare from Ben.

"It is my business, because he's around Charlie, and what is Charlie going to think with him being here all the time?" Ben points out and I roll my eyes at him. Not this again...

Looking between Alex and Ben, I sense more than a simple battle over our parenthood abilities or whatever, I think there's some sort of jealousy present. "Calm down, ok? Charlie doesn't know Alex spent the night, and it's not like I'm advertising it to him." I mutter at the end, and walk past Alex and Ben to set Charlie's plate in the sink, attempting to avoid any further arguments.

"Why don't both of you leave, Ben I'll see you at work. Alex, I'll talk to you later." I mutter, and step toward the front door, and they follow me into the living room. "Bye." I add and watch them both walk out awkwardly together and then Alex turns the opposite way as Ben, heading toward the stairs instead of the elevator.
Alex or Ben?
Published: 5/31/2012
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