It's Just Too Late - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 and comment reply! Hope you like it.
"Bye Charlie! Have a good day honey," I called from the car as Charlie crawled out of the car. Thankfully my job allows me to drop Charlie off in the morning, and I can also take a break when he gets out of school, so I have time to pick him up and bring him back to my office. He waves back, and runs toward the building, so I drive away.

Before I get out of the drop-off zone, my phone rings through the Bluetooth system in my car, so I answer it because it must have to do with work. "Hello?"
"Hey Christina, we have a minor crisis... the attorney is here. Now. He arrived late last night and caught a cab, and now he's in the office." The secretary at the company spoke in a panic.
"Ok, Krissy calm down. Put him in my office, and I'll be there in about twenty minutes, ok? Ask him if he wants a coffee or anything, try to keep him occupied, and if you can't then introduce him to Doug or Kevin. I'm trying to hurry!" I mutter and hang up the phone before she can panic anymore.


After 25 minutes, I manage to park my car, grab everything I need from the backseat, and start sprinting down the sidewalk trying to get to my office building. "What now?" I groan, pulling my phone out of my purse. "Yes?" I ask.
"He's gone! I left the office for five minutes and he disappeared! Please tell me you're almost here!" Krissy cried into the phone. Krissy is a sweet girl, but she does not know how to handle crisis at all.

Taking a deep breath as I press the elevator button I reply, "What do you mean he's gone? He can't just disappear, maybe he just went to the bathroom." I spoke as the door slid open and I froze.
My mouth fell open, and I couldn't help but stare into those beautiful eyes, that I see every day in Charlie. "Krissy I have to go, I'll be up in a minute." I finish and pull the phone away from my face.
"Ben," I whisper quietly as he whispers, "Christina," at the same time. "Um... I... Uh-" I stutter.


"Christina! Christina! Wake up! Are you ok?" Ben asks as I slowly come to consciousness.
"Wh-Wh-at h-aapened?" I stutter, and try to sit up, but Ben pushes me back down. He's looking down at me, and again I can't help but get caught in his eyes. "You like passed out, slowly get up ok?" Ben answers softly, and tries to help me up.
I stagger to my feet, and push myself away from Ben, I can't let myself get caught in his trap, "I'm fine." I snap. "I guess you're the new attorney then?" I ask professionally. It's hard to act civil toward someone who broke your heart.

"Yeah, I had no idea I'd be working with you... How have you been? Maybe we could do lunch sometime?" Shaking my head and stepping back a small step, it takes all I have not to slap him. "Don't act like everything is perfect between us! I-" I start but my phone interrupts yet again. With a groan I answer, "Hello?" probably a bit too angrily.

"Um hi, Mrs. Oswell?"
"This is Chirstina Oswell, how can I help you?" I ask slightly annoyed that one, she said Mrs., and two, she's wasting my time by not speaking any faster. "Ok, well your son Charlie is in the nurses office, he fell down at recess and we thought the best thing was to call 911. Our regular nurse is on vacation, and we weren't sure what to do. He's at Memorial Hospital-"

"Ok, thank you for calling, I'm on my way there." I interrupt and hang up the phone, unable to stop the hysterical tears that started falling down my face halfway through the phone call. "I have to go, can we have you start tomorrow or something? God where the hell are my keys?" I mumble and start walking toward the door that takes me out of the building.

"Wait Christina what's wrong? You definitely shouldn't be driving right now!" Ben yelled, as he followed me down the street. "Ben, leave me alone. I'm fine driving, you don't know me anymore. Just back off!" I yell back, while looking through my contacts for Alex's number.
Before I could press call, Ben grabbed my phone out of my hand, and my keys as well. "At least let me drive you. I don't care what you say, you're a terrible driver when you're crying!"
"Fine! Give me phone, I'll call someone for a ride!" I yell at him, and pull my phone out of his hand. I'd think after five years, he wouldn't care anymore, or he wouldn't be so damn pushy still.

Pushing send, I listened to the dial tone waiting for Alex to pick up. "Hey, I didn't think I'd hear from you until tonight. What's going on?" Alex asks after the 4th ring.
"Um, I'm sorry to interrupt whatever you're doing, but do you think you could come pick me up and drive me to the hospital? The school called and Charlie fell or something, and I don't know what to do!" I sob, and slide down to sit on the curb.
"Of course, are you at work? I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Alex answered, and I replied that I was sitting a block away from my office.

Sadly, Ben won't leave me alone while I wait for Alex, and he wants answers. "Were you ever going to tell me that you had the kid? I might've changed my mind if I would've known you had him."
"I did tell you! I left a message right after I had him, and you didn't even call me back! Your mom called and told me you didn't want anything to do with me! Or Charlie! So don't try turning all of this onto me! You left me remember?" I scream, and rest my head between my knees, "Please just leave me alone," I mumble but my legs catch most of the sound.

"Don't give me that crap! I want to be part of his life now! I've changed, and I don't know what my mom told you, but it wasn't true! When you said you were pregnant, I got scared, just like any other 21-year-old would've been! I'm different now, and I want to be involved now." Ben yells back, and I'm taken back by the truth in his voice.

I can't help but look down at my shoes as I answer, "Ben... I can't do this right now. Ok? I'm scared because my son is in the hospital; the son that you didn't want any part of. I've had the same number since you left, and you never called! Now please just leave me alone. Charlie and I have been fine without you and we don't need you now!" I yell back at him, just as Alex's car pulls up to the curb.

Before I can climb into the car, Ben grabs my arm, "Please let me go with you! I'm just as worried as you are!"
"Get away from me Ben!" I mutter and pull my arm out of his grip, before practically falling into the passenger seat of Alex's car and slamming the door shut. Something about Alex's face says that I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do.


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Published: 2/7/2012
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