It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 4

Chapter four. Hope you like it!
"Mom I'm fine. It’s just a sprained ankle." Charlie groaned and rolled his eyes at me. Where did this kid get his attitude?
"Okay, okay. Well then let’s go, I have to pick the car up from work, but other than that I’m off for the rest of the day… what do you want to do?" I ask him, as he starts hobbling toward the door with his foot cast. "Alex came all the way here just to see you and make sure you’re ok."

With that, Charlie beamed up at me and tried to hobble faster. I miss the times when he was that excited to see me….
I follow Charlie out of the door and we walk side by side down the hallway to the waiting room where Alex sat waiting. He was really concerned about Charlie, as we drove here, but something about his face told me that he wasn’t ok with what happened when he picked me up. "Hey buddy, I’m glad to see you’re ok! Your mom and I were pretty worried." Alex smiled and stood up when we stepped into the waiting room.

"Well, we better go. Charlie is there anything you want bud? We can stop at the store on the way home if you want. I think this calls for something special." I smile down at him, since Alex had been awkwardly avoiding eye contact with me.
Is this all because of Ben?
"Can we have pizza for dinner?" Charlie asks with excitement and a pleading look in his eyes so I can’t help but say yes.
"Anything my little prince desires," I smile down at him and kiss his forehead, "Let’s go bud," I finish and Alex leads the way to the car, without speaking a word to me.

Alex drove us to my car, but before we could get out Charlie had to ask. He just had to.
He had to ask if Alex could come over for dinner, and not wanting to be the buzz kill I said yes. I had to oblige right? Alex offered to pick the pizza up, since Charlie was tired and it probably is a good idea that he wasn’t on his leg too much.

"Charlie, you go on upstairs, I’m going to wait for Alex and help him with the pizza. We’ll be up in a few." I smile at him as he walks into the elevator. I watch as the doors close, before sitting down on one of the lobby chairs and pulling out my BlackBerry to call Krissy again. I’m nervous about what happened after I left, hopefully Ben didn’t say anything about what happened… "Hey Krissy, did the attorney ever show up? Sorry I couldn’t come in, but Charlie had a little emergency."

Krissy took a deep breath before answering, "You’ll never believe what happened! He came back up a few minutes after you hung up, and he said that he had to go talk to a lawyer about something. Why would a lawyer need to talk to a lawyer?" She questioned.
"What? He said he’s talking to a lawyer? Did he say why? Or who?" I asked, as Alex walked in, yet I barely noticed.

Would Ben really go talk to a lawyer? He’s the one that said he didn’t want anything to do with Charlie.
He’s the one that left us. Was it that wrong of me to give him what he wanted?
"He didn’t say anything else. He just said he wouldn’t be in until tomorrow. You’re going to be here tomorrow right?" Krissy asked, more like begged.

"Of course. Well, I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, thanks for trying with B-I mean the attorney." I saved. No one can know that Ben and I knew each other in high school! They’d automatically realize that Charlie is Ben’s, and then I’d look like the one that didn’t tell him about Charlie; not that he didn’t want him.
"What was that about?" Alex asked, finally speaking to me since we went to the hospital.

"It was nothing. Just work stuff." I lie and stand up from the chair.
"Christina… That guy from earlier? Now weird phone calls… I can’t handle this. I want you to tell me what’s going on, or this is never going to work."
Published: 2/20/2012
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