It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 5

Here’s Chapter Five.
"You're right. It’s not fair for you if I don’t tell you what’s going on." I sigh and take a deep breath, "That guy is our new attorney at work, and he also happens to be Charlie’s dad. I didn’t know who the attorney was going to be until this morning I stepped into the elevator to see him standing there." I mumble quickly.

Alex just keeps his gaze focused on me, willing me to continue to explain. "Then just now I was talking to our secretary and she said that after I left this morning Ben came in saying he had to leave to talk to a lawyer and that he would just come back in tomorrow. I think he’s going to fight for custody."

"What the hell? He thinks he can just come waltzing in and be a part of Charlie’s life? What a prick!" Alex yells unexpectedly, "I'm sorry I doubted you, I should’ve known that it was something like this." He said a bit quieter, "I just… really like you, and it scares me that you might want to go back with him." He finishes softly, with a wave of different emotions flooding through his eyes.

"I’ll never want to be with him." I assure, "He didn’t want any part of Charlie five years ago, and I know I can’t keep him away from Charlie, but I can keep him away from me." I smile at him, taking his hand in mine trying to reassure him.

Nodding at me, Alex returned the grip on my hand, and captured my gaze with his, as his lips moved into meet mine. Our kiss is soft and sweet, with a bunch of potential behind it, but only skimming the surface of how much need and want behind it.

"We should probably get upstairs." I mumble pulling away from him, but not loosening my grip on his hand.
"You’re right, Charlie’s probably starving and I got ice cream too." Alex smirks, knowing that I rarely buy Charlie ice cream except for when there’s reason for it.

I’m not against giving him ice cream, I just don’t want it to be every single day. "Well thank you, I’m sure Charlie will be very appreciative." I smile and pick up the bag that I’m assuming has ice cream in it, as Alex picks up the pizza box. "Thanks for picking up the pizza, and for being so understanding." I smile at him, and he arranges the pizza box so he can grab my hand with his empty hand and pull me into the elevator.

"So, how are you going to tell Charlie about Ben?" He asks as we stand in the elevator.
I haven’t thought about that. "I have no clue, I don’t know how to tell him that Ben just now decided to be a part of his life. Like I don’t know how to explain why Ben just now wants to see him you know? I can’t just be like, ‘Hey Charlie guess what? Your stupid father just decided to come and get to know you! Isn’t that great; he abandons us and then five years later decides to join the party?’"

"We’ll figure it out." Alex smiles and lets me step out of the elevator first.
"I should probably go." Alex yawns, and stretches on the couch. "Do you need help putting Charlie to bed?" He asks quietly as he stands up from the couch slowly to prevent waking Charlie up.
Nodding with a yawn, I stand up as well, "Yeah, please. I can barely carry him anymore." I smile lightly and watch as Alex slowly picks Charlie up. I follow him to Charlie’s room, and help him tuck Charlie in before we both leave the room and close the door quietly.

"Thanks," I smile at him, and take in a breath as I realize how close we’re standing together, "For everything," I finish.
"Do I get a reward?" Alex asks cheekily, and rests his hands on my hips. Before I can reply, he pulls me into him so our lips collide yet again.
This kiss however is filled with much more, and when he pulls away after a few seconds, I can’t help but sigh deeply. "I better get going, I’ll talk to you later." He finishes and turns away from me to walk out of the apartment, leaving me leaning against the wall nearly breathless.

"This is Christina," I speak into the phone on my desk.
"It’s Krissy, you asked me to let you know when the attorney got here, well he’s here, and he wants to talk to you." Krissy speaks quietly into the phone, and I can almost see her giving Ben a flirtatious smile. Not that I’m jealous. I just know she’s doing it.

Taking a deep breath, I answer, "Thanks, send him in." I finish smoothly, and hang up the phone. So much for having a better day today than yesterday. I wait patiently for Ben to walk in, but I’m still surprised when the door slides open, and that face enters the room.

He walks in quietly, and sits down on a chair without permission, so we awkwardly glance around the room without looking at each other. "Look, before we get started, I’m sure that chick out there told you that I went to see a lawyer, and to be honest I did. I just wanted to figure out my rights, and now I know them, and I want to be part of our kids' life."

"His name’s Charlie." I whisper almost silently since my voice cracked slightly, "and I know you want to be part of his life. I thought about this all night, and I know you’ve changed in the last five years." I add, trying to be an adult about all of this.
Opening his mouth, like he’s about to argue, he closes it again like he’s doing a double take. "Ok?" He asks, clearly confused, "I didn’t think you’d be so… mature about this."

"It’s not about me. It’s about Charlie, and he needs a dad." I sigh. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.
"Great, well then I think we’ll be fine working together! My attorney is going to call you within the next few days, so we can start getting the paperwork done. Meanwhile, when do I get to meet him?" Ben asks, with the excitement I remember so clearly. I guess he hasn’t changed completely. He still has that arrogant little smirk when he has an idea, and he still bites his lip when he’s waiting for a response… And those lips! They still look so kissable and so….

"Right, um… maybe you could come over for dinner, and we can tell him together? He just sprained his ankle, and I think he could use some cheering up." I smile, cutting off my thoughts; the ones that I shouldn’t be thinking.
Published: 2/29/2012
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