It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 6

Chapter six, hope you like it!
"So, you’re introducing them tonight?" Alex asks, as I mindlessly play with the cord attached to the phone.

"Yes, and I was really hoping you could come…? I know it’s short notice, so if you’re busy I understand." I say in a rush, as someone steps into my office, and I glance at him or her to show I’ve acknowledged them. Sometimes, I wish my office had a lock because even though my door is shut, and it can be seen clearly when I’m on the phone, people still walk in and wait to talk to me! Can’t they just come back later?

They step casually over to one of the chairs in my office, and sit down quietly while Alex starts, "Of course, where and what time?" He asks, and I can almost see the smile on his face, and the kind look in his eyes. I think it makes a guy truly great when he can make plans with me last-minute, when it’s something important that I need support for.

"Tonight, we can meet at my place at 4:30. We were going to walk to the restaurant from there, so you can walk with us." I smile, and glance up at Ben to see a strange look on his face. I didn’t exactly ask Ben if it would be ok if I brought Alex tonight, but I want Alex to be apart of this.

I hear the sound of ruffling papers through the phone, and a deep sigh escapes Alex mouth that I can barely hear through the phone. "Sounds great, I should probably get back to work, I have a meeting I have to go to in a little bit and my idiot coworker seemed to have lost it. I-" He started to say, but stopped suddenly, and tried to continue smoothly, as if that’s what he was going to say with, "I’ll talk to you later, or see you tonight at 4:00. Hope you don’t mind if I come over early." He laughs slightly. I bid goodbye and hang up the phone slowly before glancing back up at Ben.

"You’re bringing someone tonight?" He asks, pointing out the huge elephant in the room. I never completely understood that saying until now. Ben seems to be annoyed that I hadn’t asked him, but there’s something else in his eyes that I can’t exactly point out.

Jealousy perhaps?

No. Why would he be jealous of me? I’m a single mom that just started dating again recently, because the father of my son broke my heart into a million pieces.

"Yes, my um-uh... Friend?" I stutter searching for the right words, "Alex." I clarify, ‘He and Charlie have spent a lot of time together, so I think it’s good that you meet him, and he may help Charlie feel more comfortable." I nod at him, and the look on his face seems to harden some. "Well, I better get going, I’m picking Charlie up from school and we have parent-teacher conferences. You know where the restaurant is right? I can have Krissy find you a map…" I offer, awkwardly, and start picking up the things I need to take with me.

"I can manage. I’ll see you later, then." He smiles, "Oh, and Christina?" He pauses, waiting for me to make eye contact with him, "You still look amazing." He adds, and walks out of the room suddenly.

What the hell does that mean?

"Charles Benjamin Oswell!" I speak slowly, as we walk into the apartment, "We had this conversation two months ago, about your grades. Remember what I said would happen?" I ask Charlie, as we step into the apartment together. "Go to your room and get ready for dinner. We’ll finish this conversation later." I finish with a frustrated sigh as I throw my things down onto the coffee table, before stomping into my room. Before I can get to my bedroom door, there’s a knock on the door. So with a begrudgingly groan, I spin on my heel and stomp to the front door.

Swinging the door open, with a bit too much force, I see Alex standing in the doorway, with a bouquet of roses in his arms. "I thought you could use some cheering up." Alex smiles and hands me the roses, as I instantly hold them to my nose.

"Thank you so much!" I smile at him, as I wrap my arms around his neck, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "I still have to change really fast, but you can hang out in the living room. I’ll be ready in a few, and Charlie should be out in a second." I smile, and turn away from him, so I can head into my room. Going to my closet, I pull out a plain red dress, that fits my body perfectly, and will show just enough to kind of make Ben jealous… I mean to impress Alex...

Stepping into my bathroom, after pulling on the dress, I decide to leave the makeup I put on this morning, but fix it a little bit. As I’m focusing on putting mascara on my eyelashes, a hand on my hip makes me jump. Amazingly, no mascara got on my face nor did I stab my eye with the small wand. "Jesus! You scared me half to death." I gasp, as Alex snakes his arms around my waist.

"I’m sorry." He apologizes with a smirk, and pulls me closer to him. Can he hear my heartbeat picking up speed? "I just guess we wouldn’t have too much time together tonight, so I wanted to get at least a few minutes alone." He smiles genuinely, as his lips crash against mine.

Before either of us fully comprehend what’s going on, Alex has lifted me onto the bathroom counter, and pulled me even closer to him, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. I feel his hands roaming my body, and when his mouth drops down to my neck, I let out a quiet inaudible moan, before pulling back suddenly, and pushing Alex away from me.

"Charlie could walk in." I mumble, as Alex just steps back up to me simply, and his mouth latches on my mouth again.

"We have 45 minutes before we need to leave since I was early, and Charlie is engrossed in a video game. And, I want you." Alex adds, as he slips the strap of my dress off my shoulder slightly, and sends a trail of kisses down my arm. When he kisses my palm, I slide my hand around to his chin and lightly pull him back up to my mouth. With my initiation this time, our lips collide, and I slide off of the counter top to push him out of the bathroom, and toward my bed.
Who do you like more, Ben or Alex?
Published: 3/8/2012
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