It’s Just Too Late - Chapter 8

The morning after...
"And if you do that, you’ll always win." Ben smiles at Charlie, as Charlie stares at the piece of paper, deep in thought.

All night, Alex has been extremely quiet and Ben and Charlie have been chatting about nearly everything. Occasionally asking me questions as well. Honestly, I’m not surprised Charlie has adapted to Ben so quickly because Ben’s always had that ability to become best friends with someone in two minutes. "Would you like another drink?" The waitress asks, as she fills Charlie and Alex’s glasses of water.

"Yes please." I smile at her, and she takes the small glass and leaves the table. My answer must’ve shocked Alex, because he sends me a strange, questioning look, but I simply look away, and watch the waitress weave through the other tables while depositing drinks on other people’s tables, before reaching ours. "Here you go. Your food should be out in a few minutes." She adds, and walks away.

As she walks away, Alex catches my glance what again, and I can’t help, but feel irritated at his annoying glances. "What?" I ask, maybe a bit too rudely.

"Nothing, you just seem to be… getting a lot of refills." He finishes carefully, trying not to draw attention from Ben or Charlie.

Shrugging and taking another sip I answer, "I’m fine, I’m just thirsty." I say innocently, making Alex roll his eyes. "Christina come on, are you seriously expecting me to believe that?"

"Hey, Christina, do you want to play around? I’m going to run to the restroom." Ben intervenes and stands up from the table. "I’ll be right back." He smiles slightly, and I can’t stop myself from snorting at his feigned innocence.

"What the hell?" I ask when I wake up and hear banging sounds coming from the kitchen. I slowly crawl out of bed, and feel a sharp pain stabbing through my head. I stumble through the apartment, to the kitchen, to see Alex spooning coffee into the coffee pot. "Um… hi?" I mumble.

"Hey, I didn’t think you should be alone last night, so I stayed. I was just about to wake you up, so you can get ready for the game." Alex answers without emotion in his voice. For some reason I think that the reason I can’t remember anything about last night is the same reason Alex is mad at me.

"I’m sorry about last night." I whisper, and rest my hands on his sides, "I shouldn’t have drank so much." I add, when he doesn’t look convinced.

Shrugging, Alex turns back to the coffee pot to watch the dark liquid begin to pour in a slow stream into the pot. "Alex." I whisper and he finally turns back to me.

"Christina," He groans, and glares into my eyes, "Last night, you showed me someone who I really didn’t like. I like you because you’re so independent, and you care for your son so much, but last night you were just like my mom used to be!"

Looking down at my feet, I whisper, "Alex I’m sorry. How many times do you need me to say it? It won’t happen again. Last night was just really hard, and I didn’t really know how to handle it. How would you feel like if you had someone who always just had you and then all of a sudden you have to share them with someone else? It sucks."

"I know it sucks. Last night you were all over Ben, and you looked completely foolish and you made me look stupid too." He yells and shakes his head. "I know it’s hard for you ok," He whispers with a softer tone after a few minutes, "But I want to be able to help you, and I can’t do that if you’re drunk." He smiles slightly at the end, and I nod back at him, with a few tears rolling down my cheeks.

"No more drinking for me." I mutter as Alex wraps me in his arms.

Finally, I rush to my room to get ready quickly, and when I return to the living room I see Charlie eating breakfast, and Alex sipping his coffee slowly. "Are you guys ready to go?" I ask, "We have to pick up J.D. and Michael on the way." I smile, as I fill up a large thermos for Alex and I to share at the game.

"Yep, I can’t wait to see dad again." Charlie exclaims and I feel a slight jab at my heart from the words.

"Hey bud, why don’t you go start your moms car, we’ll be down in a minute." Alex cuts in, and hands the keys over to Charlie, just before Charlie sprints out of the apartment. Then, looking at me with passion in his eyes, Alex’s lips envelop mine. "You’re a seriously hot soccer mom." He smirks, and leans past me to grab Charlie’s plate to lay it in the sink. With my cheeks slightly red, I grab the coffee, and Charlie’s bag of soccer stuff, along with two boxes of those Capri Sun juice packs, since it's my game to bring drinks for the kids. "Here let me help." Alex laughs and picks up the juice pouches and Alex’s bag.

"Thanks." I smile, "I’m going to grab some aspirin really quick. I’ll be down in a second." I smile, trying to ignore the headache that’s threatening to make me pull my eyes out. I’ve never been a heavy drinker, and after last night, I don’t think I’ll ever drink again.


*Author's Note*

I will most likely be unable to post for the next two weeks, so I’m going to try my best to post more than once this week. My brother is in the Army, and he gets to come home for two weeks, and this is the first time I’m going to see him in eight months! I hope you guys understand.
Published: 3/29/2012
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