It's Life - Chapter One

Here's Chapter One. Pic is of Sakari.
Sakari’s POV

I pushed through the crowd of students mingling in front of the lobby doors, anxious to get outside and start the long walk towards home. The first day at my new school had gone horribly.

I’d made zero friends, and only a few people had seemed willing to talk to me. It was awful. Even worse than the last school. I thought that having only two friends was bad, but having none was way worse. I’d lived here with my mom and dad when I was really young, I barely even remember it. But mom died and dad moved us away, leaving family and friends behind. When I found out we were moving back here, I’d hoped that it would be different. But it wasn’t. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as I finally got through the crowd and outside.

Lunch was the only part of the day that I hadn’t completely hated. The school yard, buzzing with noise, was separated into different cliques when I walked in. The obviously cool kids were in the sunniest part of the yard. Quite a few tables had been moved closer together and the jocks and cheerleaders seemed to rule it. I rolled my eyes as one of the jocks flexed and a girl oohed over his muscles. Pathetic.

Turning my head I noticed that under the trees were a few kids dressed in total black. I could only assume they were gothic or emo, or whatever those people are. A few other students were scattered around, most of them in little groups of two or three, just close friends. Under a maple tree near the back was an empty table. Perfect. I made my way over and sat down.

With a red delicious apple in one hand and a book on the table in front of me, I was alone, reading and ignoring everyone else. It was my first day in the hick town school. Only 150 people total in the high school and none of them had tried to befriend me. Only a few of them seemed to acknowledge my presence. I didn’t fit in here.

Maybe it was because I’d moved from the city, but that doesn’t seem like it should matter. I didn’t know what it was that made me so alone here, but whatever it was, I tried not to let it hurt me.

I was hoping that this school would be different from the last, but no, it was the same. A lot of it is my own fault. I’m quiet and would rather read than start a conversation. I can’t pin the blame on the kids here when I know half of it is my own fault.

I glanced up from my book to pull my hood up more and saw that there was a boy sitting across from me. This was probably his usual table and I’d sat here. I was slightly embarrassed but getting up and moving would be weird… and he wasn’t really saying anything or looking at me like I should move... I turned my attention back to the book convincing myself that if he wanted me to leave, he’d tell me.

So I’d eaten my lunch and read my book quietly until the bell rang. He had been just as quiet as I was and, although I was glad he hadn’t said anything to me so I wouldn’t have had to try to respond, I almost wished he had asked me my name or something.

I sighed, hitching my backpack up on my shoulders and crossing over to the elementary school. My neighbor’s daughter, Nadia, had attached herself to me the first time she met me, about a week ago when we moved in. School had already started but dad said I could finish unpacking my stuff in my room before starting.

When Nadia learned that I would be walking to school, she begged me to walk with her and I’d happily agreed. It was like having the little sister I’d always wanted. I started to walk into the parking lot and then stopped, remembering that she had an afternoon dentist appointment and that her mom had picked her up. I turned and headed for home, trying to keep my spirits up.

Today had been rough and I just wanted to get home and curl up near the wood stove with a good book.

Damien’s POV

I was late for school that morning, walking in just in time for lunch. I got my tray, grumbling to myself when I’d realized I’d forgotten my lunch. Someone was sitting at my usual table. I paused for a brief second before continuing to the table.

The furred hood on her white jacket was up and the few strands of hair in her face were whipping gently in the wind. As soon as I started to sit down she looked up, pulling her hood up a little, so it covered her head better.

When she saw me she looked back down at her book, but her blue eyes were burned in my mind. They were bright, and the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen. She was more than just cute. She was really, really pretty. Sweet, maybe another girl to add to my list.

I didn’t know then that she didn’t really talk to anyone. I learned the next day that she’s quiet, really quiet and barely anyone seems to notice her. Which to me, is weird because she’s so pretty. There’s something in those eyes of hers that caught my attention.

I decided not to say anything. I wasn’t going to interrupt her. She looked peaceful, reading her book, so I sat quietly in my own thoughts, eating the nasty school lunch. I knew I’d get to her eventually. The meal was looking very inedible. I sighed and saw her glance up at me. When I caught her gaze she seemed to freeze for an instant before parting her lips, almost like she was going to say something, but then she bit her bottom lip and ducked her head, dropping her eyes back to the book in front of her. I smiled to myself and picked up a fork. Inedible or not, I was starving and I’d hoped it didn’t taste as bad as it looked.

Two bites later told me the food was just as gross as I’d remembered it to be, and I dumped it, deciding it’d be better to go hungry. I thought about talking to the blue-eyed girl who was stuck in my mind, but she seemed so absorbed in her book I decided not to bother her.

The end of lunch bell finally rang and she stood up, crumbled up her brown paper lunch bag and shoved her book into a gray bag before leaving without saying anything. She didn’t look back either, just ducked into the crowd of students pushing their way into the school.

She wasn’t in any of my classes throughout the rest of the day, and I found myself hoping that we’d have a morning class together. I’d missed them all today, so I wouldn’t know if we had any together, I could only hope. I saw her, hood up, head down, walking to the elementary school. She stuck her hands in her pockets and I took a step in her direction, but following her and trying to talk to her would be weird and I’d probably end up saying something I’d regret. So I turned and made my way down the road. Maybe I’d talk to her tomorrow.

I put my headphones in my ears and turned on my iPod, listening to the country music playlist. It wasn’t a very long walk to my house and when I got there I was tackled by my four-year old sister Tess. She dove onto my legs and wrapped her arms around them. "You’re back!" She squealed as I pried her arms off me and picked her up.

As much of a jerk I could be to other girls, Tess was the exception. My tiny little sister could brighten any day. "I missed you munchkin." I grinned, swinging her around and dropping her gently onto the couch. "Katie? I’m here, you can go home!" Katie, our thirty year old neighbor watched Tessa for my mom while I was at school and she and dad were at work.

Katie made her way through the living room from the kitchen with a plate of freshly made cookies. "Here you go." She said with a smile, handing me the plate. "Tess got hungry a little while ago and so I started making cookies." She waved and walked out of the door.

Tess grinned up at me and took the TV remote from my hand. "Milk!" I chuckled. She was always so demanding. As I headed for the kitchen I started thinking of that girl again. I definitely had to get with her.

Author's Note:

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this story, everyone who took the poll on my last note, the people who tried to help me get out of my writer's block, Georgie-Lou and Bumblebee. And I want to thank Beatrice for the amazing comment she left on my last post(: I also want to thank Milena for being so freaking amazing.

And everyone who’s commented on all of my previous stories. (: You’re all amazing and I love you so much.

Here it is. The first chapter of 'It’s Life'. I hope you all like it and please comment. I hate begging for comments, and even if no one does comment I’ll still post. But the comments just boost me up when I’m having hard days. I hope you enjoy it.
Published: 11/24/2011
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