It's Never Too Late - Chapter 1 (Part 3)

A love story between two people.
Tina was driving home after leaving jail. She has never second guessed her decisions, but now leaving Samuel behind and he had nowhere to go abreast for now made her think twice about her decision.

"What is it about Samuel that he makes me feel so off balance," she wondered as she was turning her car around, "this is crazy," she whispered to herself as she drove faster.

Samuel, so the car coming and grinned, "You got me scared there for a moment."

"Really? I didn't think anything scared you Samuel."

"You are right. I was going to crash at one of my friends place," her pride was in tatters.

"Oh, you mean many that came to see you when you were in prison?" He noted the sarcasm in her voice, but chose to ignore it.

"Welcome to my house," he was taken back at how beautiful the house was just as she had told him, it would be when they were young, afraid of arousing feelings he had safely buried.

He said, "It looks okay."

"Wow, thanks for the compliment," she was hurt again. His approval meant a lot to her, she didn't know how to explain.

"Baby you back," Chris said aloud.

"Samuel meet Chris, my fiance."

"Chris Samuel, my cousin," Samuel was amazed that Tina had lied, he was her cousin.

"Your cousin indeed," Chris recognized the irony and asked, "what is that supposed to mean?"

"Ask her, she knows the answer." Tina was nervous, she had not told Chris the entire truth.

"I ummmmmm..." she drifted.
Published: 7/11/2014
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