It's Our Environment

Think about the waste you put on our planet. Think real hard.
It's our environment so keep it clean;
From the evergreen forests to the raging seas;
Don't throw cans, bottles and other bad things;
Into the affectionate stunning seas;
The coral reefs that used to prosper;
Are no longer vivid, gleaming or bright;
The forests that are home to many creatures;
Are trashed along with thrashed and worn;
The air we breathe smells so bad;
That sooner or later we'll all wear masks;
The air we breathe right now is fine;
But sooner or later it'll begin to reek;
Of gasoline or fossil fuel;
Those things we exploit to much it fearful;
For us to befriend the earth we must be gentle;
These days we forget what gentle is;
And we destroy what trust the environment gives;
We twist it and turn it and make it ours;
Make it man-made maybe into toys;
It's our environment so please don't litter;
Remember these words;
Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Published: 4/28/2010
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