It's Over

A time when love no longer exists.
We seem to be avoiding each other,
As we make our way through the boredom and pain,
We just sit and stare out the window,
At the dark gray skies as they empty themselves of rain,
And we don't even know which one of us is to blame,
And I don't care anymore, anyway.

I watch you staring blankly at the walls,
Your vacant, blackened eyes don't give much away at all,
Your emotions are locked away within yourself,
Occasionally you let the buggers out,
In a rage filled tirade meant to put me down,
And I pull down the shutters till they go away.

We no longer seem able to communicate,
The once firm handshake has lost its grip,
I'm losing the use of all my senses,
And I can't learn hand signals to compromise these,
I just sink deeper and deeper into the hole,
Blind to the world like a burrowing mole.

I'm just another sad old man,
Bad blood circulates around my veins,
Bad feelings agitate my malaise,
I ponder thoughts about digging you an early grave,
A shallow one in the backyard,
No one will notice once it's been paved.

Like passing strangers without a good morning,
Like cold shadows cast down by the mourning,
All the feelings we share are null and void,
As our minds try to traverse the great divide,
Going in opposite directions,
There is no longer a connection.

A fleeting memory makes me dimly aware,
Of times long ago when we had things to share,
But the memory quickly shatters into pieces,
Bringing me back to this morbid reality,
And I don't think you even care anymore,
We may as well admit that it's over.

Published: 7/16/2010
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