It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 24

"Look Mark, I need to know if yesterday was as real for you as it was for me," she said and my heart started racing. I looked up at the ceiling, she was playing with fire. "Mark?" Her voice sounded careful. I sighed and smiled a bit. "I haven’t stopped thinking about you since Chanelle’s party," I admitted.
**Mark's POV**

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket when I entered my room. I checked the caller ID and smiled.
"Jeremy! Dude, you would not believe what happened last night. I-"
"Mark, what do you think you’re doing? I thought we were bros! Why would you kiss Aqua? You know how I feel about her!"
My blood suddenly felt cold as I clutched the phone to my ear. "Jeremy, I swear I-"
"You what? Don’t even try this crap with me, man. She told me everything right before she broke up with me. I hope you’re happy."

The click after his angered tone let me know he hung up. I dropped down into my bed. Shit. That was all I could think. I had never heard Jeremy so angry before. I stared at my phone before calling Aquamarine. I didn’t want anything to do with her but I needed answers. She picked up after the third ring. "Mark?" She sounded so calm that, for a second, I was convinced that she had nothing to do with telling Jeremy the truth. "Jeremy’s pissed at me," I said. I heard her sigh. "Oh, crap. I told him not to overreact," she said. I raised my eyebrows. "So you did tell him? Why would you do that?" I asked. "Mark, I’m not a liar," she said.

I sighed and put my free hand to my head. How was I going to fix this? "Why would you break up with him? Jeremy is a great guy," I said, frustrated. There was silence for a few seconds. "Mark, I don’t know what yesterday meant to you but it was amazing for me ... I have never connected with a guy the way I did with you. You made me laugh at all the stupid things and you’re so in control ... you’re completely insane." She laughed and I smiled. She had such a beautiful laugh. "But you’re intelligent as well, I’ve never met a guy like you before and I refuse to lead Jeremy on, when I know I have feelings for you, it’s not fair to him," she said. I sighed and put my free hand to my forehead. "Look Mark, I need to know if yesterday was as real for you as it was for me," she said and my heart started racing. I looked up at the ceiling, she was playing with fire. "Mark?" Her voice sounded careful. I sighed and smiled a bit. "I haven’t stopped thinking about you since Chanelle’s party," I admitted. Aqua laughed nervously. "Really?" She asked. I smiled again. "Really," I said. "Uhm, can I come over tomorrow? I really want to see you," she said. I thought it over. Jeremy was already pissed at me. Would this really be a smart move? "Sure," I said and bit my tongue after I had said it, feeling like the backstabber I was.


**Chanelle's POV**

"You seem bored."

I jumped a bit at the sound of Matthew’s voice and looked up from the book I was reading. Well, trying to read. I couldn’t keep my attention on it for too long before losing myself in my thoughts. I had way too much to think about when I was alone. I smiled a bit when Matthew sat down opposite me. We were sitting in the library around the coffee table. I shut the book and turned toward him. "Rose and Rosie have gone for final fittings, Mark is nowhere to be found and I had no idea where you were either so..." I lifted the book to let him figure out the rest of my sentence. Matthew nodded. "Well, Mark and I were also in the fitting rooms actually. I’m sorry we left you alone," he said. I shook my head. "No worries," I said and sighed. "Do you think we could take a walk? I need to clear my thoughts," I said. Matthew smiled and nodded, standing up. I dropped the book on the table and followed. "This is really getting to you, isn’t it?" Matthew asked as we exited the library. I shook my head and looked away. "I just want it all to be over. I mean, I knew they had problems. They’ve always had problems..." I trailed off.

The sound of a piano filled the air as we came closer to the end of the hall. I closed my eyes. "Who’s playing that?" I asked and could hear my voice sounded distant. The music was incredibly beautiful and very sad. My insides twisted a bit. My emotions had always been very sensitive to music. I felt Matthew’s hand slide into mine. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He smiled and turned so that he was facing me. He gave a slight bow and I caught what he wanted to do. I giggled and curtseyed. His free hand held my waist and mine went to his shoulder. "Are we really going to do this in the middle of the hall?" I asked as we started swaying to the music. That was when we connected best, I suppose. At any formal event, Matthew and I were always dancing together. I guess that was one of the things that made us as close as we were. The music was slow and deep. I looked up into Matthew’s eyes and felt like I was losing it for a second. I felt frozen, yet I was still following the rhythm. He smiled a bit. "Like you care," he said in a voice that sent my heart pounding heavily.

I smiled carefully, feeling my knees weaken. It felt as if his touch was draining the energy out of me. "You would be right about that," I said. Matthew’s smile faded slightly. I knew he was thinking deep. He came to a stop and I suddenly realized the music wasn’t playing anymore. I heard a giggle and Matthew’s grip on my hand loosened, and finally dropped. We both turned toward where the giggle came from, just as Rose exited the room a few steps away from us. She gasped from her laughter and smiled. "Hey, you two," she said and walked up to us. Rosie came out after her and smiled at us as well. "What were you guys listening to? That was beautiful," I said, trying to distract myself from my pounding heartbeat and hot cheeks, hoping and praying I wasn’t blushing too hard. Rose smiled and turned to her sister. "See?" She said. I raised my eyebrows. "Rosie, was that you playing?" I asked. Rosie smiled a bit and nodded. "That sounded amazing. You have to play at the engagement party!" I said and turned to Rose. Rose’s eyes widened. "That’s a great idea! You can play what you wrote," Rose said, turning to her sister again. Rosie turned to Rose and tilted her head, seeming a bit pained. "Rose..." She said carefully. Rose bit her lip. "Right," she said and dropped her eyes. I knew better than to ask. This was private. Rosie looked at us. "It’s not finished." She pulled up her shoulders. "I don’t know how to end it," she said. I nodded.

"So where are you two off to?" Rose asked, putting her hands on her hips. Only then did I noticed the (gorgeous!) diamond ring on her finger. I lost my breath for a second and looked away before she could tell I was staring. It was a simple, thin white gold loop with a large round diamond in the middle that was surrounded by smaller diamonds along the ring. "Chanelle needed to clear her thoughts so we decided to walk a bit," Matthew explained. Rose nodded. "Hey, I have an idea, Mark has this girl over. You guys want to go stalk them?" She asked and raised an eyebrow suggestively while sticking her tongue out to the side a little. I laughed. I had missed her spontaneous side. "I’m always game. Who is she? Anyone I know?" I asked. Rose squinted a bit. "Yeah, she was at your party ... uh..." Rose snapped her fingers as she tried to recall. "Her name begins with A..." She looked down. My spirit dropped. "Aquamarine?" I asked. Rose snapped a finger. "That’s it!" My eyes widened. "No, no, no, no ... No!" I put my hand to my forehead.

"Crap," I mumbled. "What’s going on?" Matthew asked. I sighed and looked at him. "Aquamarine is the reason why I broke up with Rowland," I said and looked at him. Matthew raised an eyebrow. I nodded. "I know! I only found out a few days ago. He wanted to get back together with me because she cheated on him with another dude." I rolled my eyes. "Idiot," I said and I’m pretty sure I saw Matthew smile a bit when I said that. "Wait, he cheated on you with her and then she cheated on him with someone else?" Rosie asked carefully then shook her head. "Normal people do not make sense to me," she said. "Well, that just makes this a better reason to stalk them. Anyone in the mood to play spy?" Rose asked and I laughed again.


**Mark's POV**

"So, you’re pretty much good at everything?" I asked after Aqua tossed another basketball through the hoop in the game room. She laughed and caught the ball as it bounced back toward her then looked at me. "I wouldn’t say that," she said and tossed the ball at me. I caught it and aimed as well, missing the hoop just a little when I tossed. Aqua giggled and stood behind me as the ball bounced toward us. I caught it and she positioned her hands over mine. The scent of her sweet perfume made me want to hold her. "Here." She turned my wrist upward a bit and lifted my arms. "You’re aiming too high and shooting too hard. Lower your arms a bit and just give the ball a push," she said and we shot the ball. I smiled when the ball went through the hoop with ease. Aqua held me around my waist tightly. "See," she said. I looked down at her and felt my heart skip a beat. She smiled carefully, knowing exactly what she was doing to me. I turned and held her as well, leaning down to kiss her. Her soft lips invited mine and sent my head spinning. When I pulled back, she smiled at me. She was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans with a black, button up sweater and a blue ribbon around her waist that complimented her eyes. I smiled again.

"Hey!" I looked up and saw Rose walking in. "Hey, Rose," I said as Aqua turned in my arms but I didn’t let go. "Princess," I heard Aqua say. "What are you guys up to?" Rose asked. "Not much, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be choosing invitations?" I asked. Rose rolled her eyes. "Not in the mood. I let mother do it, she was more than happy," she shrugged. I laughed bitterly. "Yeah, I’m sure she was," I said and noticed the ball rolling toward my foot. I let go of Aqua and picked the ball up, then tossed it into the hoop. "Shot!" Rose cheered. I resisted the urge to punch the air in victory and turned back to my sister, smiling. "I’m heading down to the kitchen for some cheesecake. I’m looking for some company," she said. Aqua’s eyes widened. "I’m always game for sweet stuff," she said.


**Rosemarie's POV**

I stood up from the piano and walked toward the closed door with my eyes low. I didn’t think I would be pardoned from another dinner, so I half slumped my way out of the study. As I turned the knob and pulled the door open, I nearly fainted when I saw a familiar tall figure that sent my heart pounding automatically. He stared down at me, seeming as frozen as I were. "What are you doing here?" I asked when I finally found my voice and almost bit my tongue. "I ..." he cleared his throat, "I just wanted to come apologize for the way things ended." I dropped my eyes and shut the door behind me. "Yeah, well ... I suppose it was inevitable," I said, feeling my throat close up and my eyes water. "Uh, I ... I got a new job."

I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek at the heartache I felt when he said that. A new job meant we wouldn’t see each other again - at all. I wiped at my face instantly and refused to look up at him yet. I sniffed and looked up when I had managed to wipe most of the tears away. I faked a smile. "I hope you’ll be happy wherever you’re going," I said and looked down the hall, wanting to leave but not wanting to waste what time I had left with him. "Yeah, today’s actually my last day," he said. My eyes found their way to the ground again. I had nothing to say to him. When I was crying my eyes out over the last few days, all I could think about was what I could say to fix this or what I could say to make things easier, but nothing came to mind at all. The pain swelled in my heart and I bit hard on my lip to stop the tears. "Hey..." I felt his warm fingers wrap around mine and froze. Why was he torturing me like this? "I’m really sorry," he said. I pulled my hand out of his and found the courage to look at him. I shook my head. "No, don’t be. I’m the one that should be sorry. I was just dragging you along, accepting that you would be okay with being with someone you weren’t really with. You were right to end it." My throat closed up again and I cleared it. "Rosie, I-"

"I have to go." I cut him off. Hearing him say my name just made things more unbearable. "We have dinner and I’m going to be late. I really hope you’re going to be happy at your new job," I said and hated myself when a tear rolled down my cheek. Ethan blew out a breath of air. He reached out and cupped my cheek, wiping the tear away with his thumb. He was staring at my lips and I was once again frozen by his touch. "Bye Rosie," he said and dropped his hand. My heart skipped a beat. "Bye," I said quietly and walked down the hall, taking deep breaths and fighting the tears best I could.


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