It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 25

"Rose... Why does Matthew like me?" I snorted. Like? Like was an understatement. Matthew was crazy about her! He has been for who knows how long. I shook my head.
**Rosaline's POV**

"So... you and Matthew... what's going on?" I asked Chanelle carefully in the dark. I was sitting on the couch in my bedroom. We were watching A Walk To Remember and Rosie had fallen asleep on my bed earlier. I turned my attention away from the television and looked at her. Chanelle's eyes were low, an indication that something really was up. Chanelle pushed her curls away from her face and tied it into a messy ponytail. She sighed. "Rose... Why does Matthew like me?" I snorted. Like? Like was an understatement. Matthew was crazy about her! He has been for who knows how long. I shook my head. "Chanelle, there are endless reasons why he has feelings for you... Why?" I asked. She dropped her eyes again. "It's just that... It's such a bad time," she said. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "Are you talking about the divorce?" I asked after she was silent for a while. "No... Yes... I don't know!" She blew out a breath of air. Chanelle suddenly stood up. "I'll be right back, okay. I just need to go talk to him," she said. "Okay," I said as she walked out of my room. "Wow," I said after the door closed.

Chanelle was at loss for words. That rarely happened. I turned my attention back to the movie, but watching it alone brought up all kinds of thoughts. Everyone's love life was messed up around me... if I could only fix a few things before I move, maybe I wouldn't feel so awful about marrying into a friendship that will never become love. I sighed and paused the movie before falling back into the pillows and staring at the dark roof. One more week... the thought was taunting. One more week and I was gone, starting a new life. I felt the familiar sting which usually followed that thought and closed my eyes against the tears. "Tell me, princess, did you fight?" I groaned. Rosie wasn't kidding; Ethan's voice and choice of words were the kind that stuck to memory. My phone was in arm's reach behind me. I nibbled on my lip a while before reaching for it. I dialed a number and held the phone to my ear, still nibbling on my lip as it rang. "Hello. Rosaline?" My heart pounded fearfully. What was I doing? "Hey, Eric," I said and suddenly my eyes shot full of tears.


**Chanelle's POV**

I knocked on Matthew's door and waited, my heart racing. After a while of just standing there, I knocked again. I tilted my head when there was still no answer. My phone vibrated in the back pocket of my jeans and I reached for it. The caller ID said "Matthew". I smiled unconsciously, something I always did when receiving a call from Matthew. "Hey, this is crazy; I'm standing right in front of your door. Where are you?" I asked after answering. "Meet me in the stable," he said. My brow wrinkled with confusion. "What? Why?" I asked. I heard Matthew smirk. "Just get here." He hung up and I stared at my phone for a while before turning in the direction of the exit.

The cold night air welcomed me with a gush and I had to wrap my arms around me. I was glad, the stables were always warmer. I walked into the stables and walked all the way back to Autumn's stable. When I looked over the gate, I had to gasp. Matthew was standing in the corner next to a round table with a white cloth over it and two chairs by its sides in his beat up jeans and gray t-shirt, while Autumn and her foal lay in the opposite corner sleeping. He smiled a bit as I closed the gate behind me, not leaving his gaze. "What the heck?" I asked and looked at the set up table then at Matthew as I walked closer. "You do realize we just ate," I said as he pulled the chair back and allowed me to sit. The plates were clear and I wondered why he would bring me here if there was no food.

"Yeah, I know but we haven't really had a chance to talk and I figured you'd need to get your mind off things," he said and revealed a basket from under the table. "But I did bring your favorite snacks," he added. I giggled, astounded as he placed the basket in the middle of the table. I reached into the basket without looking into it and felt something round and prickly under my fingers. My eyes widened as I took out a litchi. "Oh, my gosh. I haven't had these in months!" I said as I cracked the shell and bit on the sweet fruit. I had to close my eyes and groan a little when the sugary juice touched my tongue. Matthew laughed and I saw him reach into the basket when I opened my eyes. He took out a litchi himself. "Thank you," I said after I finished the fruit and placed the pit on the table. Matthew smiled. "You know I'd do anything for you." My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. I dropped my eyes sheepishly while reaching back into the basket. I looked back at him and noticed his eyes were low. He was deep in thought again. "Anything you want to talk about?" I asked. He looked at me and shook his head. "I can't believe how fast time had flown. Rose's engagement party is in two days and I haven't even said good-bye properly. Having her out of the castle is going to just make things so much emptier," he admitted. I dropped my eyes. I've always wished I had an older brother to take care of me when my parents fought and pretended to be happy around me. "I'm going to miss her too. She's really lucky to have had you and Mark and Rosie. She knows how much you all care about her and she's going to miss you like crazy." I put my hand on his and I swear I saw him tense.

Matthew looked at me and I smiled encouragingly. Autumn shuffled around suddenly and both our attention turned to her and Sid. Matthew stood up and stepped closer, removing his hand from underneath mine. He crouched down and patted her neck. "Hey, shhh, take it easy, okay," he said. I smiled. Matthew would be a great father one day. I reached into the basket and grabbed some grapes then stepped closer. Sid was curled up next to his mom and I crouched down close to him. His head jerked up towards me and I smiled. I held my hand out and he ate while I stroked his mane. Something every owner had to do to gain the trust of his or her new pet. Sid finished his meal and thanked me by rubbing his face against my arm. "You're welcome," I said, massaging his head lightly. Matthew used his free hand to caress Sid's ears. I looked at him but his eyes were on the horses. I had to smile to myself when I felt my heart give a light flutter. Then I realized something, Matthew liked me - really liked me! And I didn't care. Somehow, it felt like old times again, like this was how it was supposed to be. It felt so natural, like we had been dating forever when, in reality, nothing of the sort was happening.


**Matthew's POV**

I felt the morning rays land on my cheek and stirred in my sleep but didn't open my eyes. As sleep started to slowly fade, I realized how awkwardly my body was positioned. Something moved beside me and I felt my heart flutter when I realized what was happening. I slowly opened my eyes to see Chanelle resting against me fast asleep. I had to smile and hoped my pounding heart wouldn't wake her. My arm was still around her and I didn't dare move. I wanted to hold on to this moment for a while. Her cheek was against my chest and she was still breathing deeply and evenly. I don't know how I had come to fall for Chanelle, but I didn't despise my feelings for her. Anyone with half a brain could understand why I wanted to be with her and even if we weren't together, I knew she felt something for me. I've noticed it even if she hadn't. I sighed and rested my chin on her forehead. The stable was warm and quiet. All the animals were still fast asleep. I closed my eyes, trying to fall back to sleep but had a twinge of frustration when I realized we were needed at breakfast still. I checked my watch and let out a breath of relief, when I realized we still had some time to get ready.

I could only imagine what my family would think if neither Chanelle nor I showed up at breakfast. I looked back at Chanelle's peaceful face and smiled again. I didn't want to wake her. She was too adorable when she slept. I moved my arm lightly against her and she groaned softly. I chuckled and sat up slowly. "Hey..." I shook her shoulder with my free arm and Chanelle opened her eyes a bit. Her eyes were on my chest for a few seconds then she looked around, disoriented. Chanelle pushed herself off me as she glanced around then pressed her hand to her head, closing her eyes again. "Oh... gosh..." she took in a deep breath and stretched then suddenly tensed. "Breakfast." Her eyes were wide. I smiled. "We've still got time," I reassured her. Chanelle relaxed and looked away shyly. "We fell asleep in Autumn's stable," she said and looked at me. I nodded. "I'm sorry if I caused you an uncomfortable sleep," she said. I laughed and sat up completely, feeling the pain in my lower back and winced a bit. "No problem. How'd you sleep?" I asked. Chanelle dropped her eyes and smiled. "Best sleep I've had in months," she said and stood up completely. She stretched out her hand for me to grab. "Come on, we should probably go inside."


**Rosemarie's POV**

I stared at the letter in front of me. I had re-read it about five times and I didn't know why. What was the point? He was never going to read it. I don't know why I was torturing myself. I needed to move on. I closed my eyes slowly. It was difficult. Ethan isn't someone you just shake off, especially not to me. I would be living with this pain for a long time and a part of me wondered if it would ever get better. I felt abandoned again, like when my grandfather passed away just worse. In this case, I could have done something, I could still contact Ethan and that drove me crazy too. In some ways, he was more out of reach than my grandfather. There was a knock on my door and I jumped. I stood up and walked towards the door. "Morning," i said when I opened the door and let my twin inside. "Morning. Sleep well?" She asked. I closed my door and pushed my straight, untied hair back.

Rose and I were already dressed for the day, each in a short summer dress, mine pink and Rose's white. She paced around the room and turned to look at me. "Yeah, great," I lied and sat on my bed. Rose tilted her head. In most cases, she could tell when I was lying, this was one of them but she didn't say anything. "Okay..." she turned her head and her eyes fell on the letter that was on my desk. I stiffened then jumped off the bed. "What's this?" She asked and picked it up. I grabbed it out of her hands. "That's..." I stuffed the letter into one of my drawers. "That's nothing," I said and turned to look at her. "It doesn't look like nothing." Rose crossed her arms over her chest. I sighed. "Drop it, please," I said quietly and pushed myself away from the desk. "Shouldn't we be heading out to breakfast?" I asked. Rose's eyes went to the drawer where I stuffed the letter and I was afraid she'd bring it up again but luckily she understood. "Yeah." She shook her head. "We should go," she said and put her arm around my shoulder as we exited my room. "You're okay?" She asked. I kept my eyes low. "I'm working on it," I said.


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