It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 3

"So today I meet my fiancé," I said to my reflection and my stomach clenched at that thought.
**Rosaline's POV**

I looked at myself in the mirror. The makeup artists and hairdressers had just finished my hair and makeup, and left. "So today I meet my fiancé," I said to my reflection and my stomach clenched at that thought. I grimaced. I wanted to throw up. My hair was up in a bun with curls hanging down the side of my face and little diamond earrings in my ears. My makeup was a light, gentle blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and clear lip gloss. I was wearing a short, black and purple cocktail dress that went to my knees and black gladiator heels. I stared up at my pink, diamond tiara. Even though I was sad, I had to admit even to myself, that I looked pretty today. I thought of how nice it would’ve been to have Shane see me like this. He’d probably be so stunned, I thought smiling a little. I had a sudden flash of every second I spent in town in my mind. I couldn’t get Shane out of my head. I had hardly slept the night before. He was amazing. That’s the only way I could describe him. How would I ever forget about a guy like him? And the way he kisses... I shut my eyes with frustration. "Stop it, Rose. Don’t make this harder on yourself," I said to myself.

There was a gentle knock on my door. "Come on in, Rosie," I said. I was right about who it was. Only Rosie knocks that gentle. "Hey," she said and walked in. I had already drowned her on the details of how my time in town was yesterday so she knew the whole story already. "Mother and father say we should go to the dining room. They’re waiting for you," she said softly. I looked at her. She had a dress on that looked almost like mine, just blue. The designers liked to give us the same dresses. Her hair was down though and slightly curled at the bottom. Her tiara was exactly the same design as mine except the diamonds were blue. I took a deep breath through my nose. "Okay," I said as I exhaled. Rosie took my hand and gave it a squeeze. "It’s going to be okay," she said. I wanted to believe her, but I couldn’t. My life was ending, that was it. We walked out of my room and through the castle to the dining room. I kept my eyes low until we were in front of the dining room door. Taking a deep breath, I lifted my chin and prepared myself. The guards opened the door and all the men in the room stood up from their seats. I looked ahead at my parents and refused to look elsewhere. I wasn’t ready yet.

My mother lifted an arm. "These are our daughters, Princess Rosaline Selena Alleana and Princess Rosemarie Esmeralda Ilessea. Girls, this is Queen Erica the second of Palanadia," my mother said and gestured towards an elderly lady that stood next to her. I raised my eyes to the Queen and curtseyed at the same second Rosemarie did. "Your majesty," we both said in union. The Queen opened her arms and smiled at us. She seemed beautiful, even at her age which, I assumed, was a good decade older than my parents. Her braided red hair was graying slightly. It hung over her shoulder with a magnificent crown on her head. Her eyes were a clear, diamond like blue and her smile was genuine and open. "My, you have two beautiful girls, your majesties," the Queen said and looked at my parents. My mother and father smiled proudly. I looked at the Queen again as she gestured towards her son. I held my breath and felt my chest close up then looked at the Prince. He was tall and handsome. He had black hair and gray eyes and an open smile that made my shoulders relax a little but there was something about his eyes that made my heart skip a beat. They were so... so like-.

"These are my sons." Sons?! My eyes shot to the boy next to the Prince. I could feel my eyes widening. "Prince Eric and Prince Shane," the Queen finished. My mouth opened slightly and it felt so dry. Shane’s gray eyes were burning into mine as he held my gaze. He was dressed, like his elder brother, in a black tux with a purple tie. Both had crowns on their heads that were slightly smaller than the Queen’s. My legs suddenly felt so weak and my heartbeat sped up. My breathing got heavier. I felt Rosemarie’s arm loop into mine as I stumbled backwards. I put my free hand to my forehead and Rosemarie helped me stand up straight. "I... I’m sorry." I looked at Shane again, his expression had jumped from happy to confuse, to surprise in less than a second. "I-I-I... need some air," I stuttered and Rosie helped me out of the dining room. We walked until we got outside, to the start of the royal gardens where we could be alone and I could breathe.
Published: 2/19/2013
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