It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 5

"I, uh..." I trailed off. "I... I just wanted to apologize for yesterday," I said. He titled his head a little and smiled. "Apologize, princess? For what?" He asked.
**Rosemarie's POV**

Dinner went easier than expected. The princes both had wonderful humors and were as easygoing as my brothers. They had an edge to them too, especially Shane, but I think that was mostly because his brother was trying to chat Rose up throughout dinner. Shane obviously liked her a lot. Rose was just trying to keep composure, when she’s nervous, she doesn’t think, she just talks. She didn’t babble but she said a few things a little too quickly and didn’t think them through, luckily they were all very humorous. Even my brothers later joined the conversation and attention was drawn away from Rose for a while so she could breathe. Eric still paid a lot of attention to her and, although he tried to hide it, so did Shane.

"We shall discuss the details of the wedding again and announce it to you all as soon as we can," my mother announced to us after dinner. "Now, leave us," my father said. It was always odd to hear my father speak. Frightening. He said very little and left the talking to my mother but whenever he spoke, we obeyed. We all left the Queens and King to talk. Once we got out, my brothers came with an idea. "Hey, Eric, Shane, how about we head to the game room and shoot some pool?" Mark suggested. Shane nodded and smiled. "Sure," he said. Eric nodded as well. "I’ll catch up," he said and turned his attention back to Rosaline. "How about you, Rosie?" I looked at Matthew. "Pool?" He asked. Rose hooked her arm into mine. "We should actually be getting to bed," Rose said. I looked at her and she widened her eyes a little to let me know what she was thinking. "Yeah, it’s been a really long day but we’ll see you all tomorrow," I said. We all said our goodnights, and Rose and I walked away from the boys and to our rooms.

I looked at Rose. "You seem more relaxed now," I said. She instantly tensed up and looked straight ahead. "Or not..." I said. Rose sighed then shook her head. "For a few minutes there I forgot," she said and still didn’t look at me. She suddenly got a small smile on her face. "What’s that smile about?" I asked teasingly. Rose shook her head a little. "Even with everything that’s going on... I’m still glad I’ve got a chance to see Shane again," she said the last part quietly. "You really like this one, don’t you?" I asked. Rose’s eyes hazed over and I knew better than to ask her again. I heard footsteps, quite a few, and looked and noticed a bunch of men walking down the hall we were heading for. Palace guards, I realized. "Uhm, hold on a second," I said and ran ahead when I saw the guard from the other day. "Hey," I said, touching his arm. He broke away from the group, most of them giving us a look but passed by, all bowing and some mumbling "princess". He bowed. "That’s not necessary," I said as he stood up again. "I, uh..." I trailed off. "I... I just wanted to apologize for yesterday," I said. He titled his head a little and smiled.

"Apologize, princess? For what?" He asked. Gosh, did his voice sound so sexy yesterday as well? "For not asking your name," I said and heard Rosaline walk up behind me. He bowed again. "Princess Rosaline," he said then looked back at me. "Ethan. Ethan Oaks, your highness," he said. I smiled. "It was really a pleasure to meet you, Ethan Oaks," I said. He smiled as well. "It was a pleasure to meet you too, princess," he said. I bit my lip a little. "Well, we should be going actually but I’ll see you around? I suppose," I said. Ethan nodded and bowed again before turning to go. I watched him walk away and felt a weird urge to call him back. I turned to look at Rose. She had a semi-amused expression on her face, which told me I was in for it now. "Who was that?" Rose asked and raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "Ethan. He’s, uh, he’s a guard I met yesterday. He knows you sneaked out. He saw me helping you and, don’t worry, he promised he’d keep it a secret," I said. "Well, that was nice of him," Rose said and squinted a little but still smiled. "What?" I asked. "Oh, nothing. He’s just very cute," she said and looked down the now empty hall. "He seems really nice too," she added and looked at me again. I smiled a little. "He is," I said simply, I didn’t want to say too much, I might just start using the word ‘uh’ too much. I tried changing the subject. "Come on, we should probably go get ready for bed," I said.


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*Anne: Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Sorry it was so short though.
*Spohie: Haha. Yep.
*BriBri: Here's where it gets complicated. I promise to post about Rose and Shane in the next chapter.
Who should I make the next chapter (mostly) about?
Rose and Shane.
Rosie and Ethan.
Matthew and Chanelle.
Mark, Jeremy and the mystery girl (it's a few chapters away still).
All of the above.
Published: 3/4/2013
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