It's Royally Complicated - Chapter 8

"For one hour, just one, do me a favor and forget about the wedding, forget about your duties and responsibilities, and especially forget about being Princess Rosaline. Just be Rose." I smiled. "My Rose. Just for one hour," I said. For a split second, I saw the girl that cheered for me on those bleachers in her eyes before they fogged over and I felt scared I'd lose her again.

I couldn't help but worry about Rosie. Was it normal to mourn for so long? It's been three years, but I suppose you never really get over the loss of someone you really loved that much. Rosie and I were twins but I always knew she had a stronger bond with our grandfather than with me. I couldn't imagine ever being able to live without my twin and I suppose that's what this was like for Rosie. I felt two arms pulling me to the side quickly. "Whoa! Rose, be careful. We don't want you getting a concussion or anything." The floor came into focus and I realized I was about to fall down a row of stairs. I blinked and looked up at Mark and Jeremy's faces. I wriggled out of Mark's grip and laughed nervously. "Thanks, Mark. Hi, Jeremy," I said with a small wave. Jeremy smiled. "Hey, Rose," he said. I looked at Mark. "Yeah, I'm sorry. I was a little out of it there," I said, shaking my head. Mark nodded. "Hey, we're just about to go play some football if you'd like to come join us," he said. I wrinkled up my nose. "Uh, I'd be no competition but thanks for the offer. I'm gonna go catch a movie in the cinema with Chanelle," I said.

"What movie?" My heart skipped a beat even before I turned to where Shane's voice came from. "Uh, I'm not sure. Chanelle mentioned that she was in the mood to watch Geek Charming and Rosie loves that movie. It might cheer her up a little. She's feeling kind of sad today and she'll join us later," I could feel myself starting to babble so I stopped as Shane approached us, walking in even patient strides. I resisted the urge to bite my lip. After our talk in the library and the way Shane was looking at me, I was already lost. I took a deep breath, I had to shake him off or I could cause a lot of trouble and not just for myself. I could feel Mark and Jeremy's eyes on me then remembered my manners. "You're welcome to join us if you'd like," I said then bit my tongue. That wasn't gonna help but I was actually hoping he'd say yes. "Geek Charming?" Shane asked and pulled a face. "Sounds kind of like some sort of Disney chick flick," he said. I smiled. "Bingo," I chimed. Shane looked at my brother for a split second then at me. He laughed and pulled up his shoulders.

"Well, as entertaining as that might sound, I've got more important business to attend to," Shane said and saluted my brother. I looked to the roof and nodded. "Of course," I said. Shane held my gaze for a while before smiling. "But if we finish quickly, I'd like to check it out," he said. "Yeah, feel free. Uh, Excuse me, you guys," I said and walked on towards the cinema, feeling flushed and slightly embarrassed. When walked down the long halls of the castle and finally got to the cinema, I heard Chanelle's voice. "Hey! Rosaline, wait up!" I turned around and saw her and Matthew walking towards me. I smiled. "Hey, Matthew," I said as they approached me. "What are you doing here?" I asked Matthew. Matthew pulled up his shoulders. "I got talked into it," he said. I laughed. "Whatever, come on. I'll go get the movie started. You guys go sit down," I said.



"Shane, what's wrong with you today, man?" Mark laughed as he stole the ball from me once again. I ran after him. Since there were only three of us, Mark and I were playing against each other while Jeremy stood goalie against both of us. My mind wasn't close to the game though. It kept wandering. I was just trying to finish quickly so I could go meet Rose in the cinema. Being close to her was all I could think of. Mark scored another goal and I must say, I felt stupid for losing against him. I knew I was a better player than him and I was very competitive when it came to football. I blew out a breath of air as Jeremy held the ball and walked towards us. Mark also closed in on me until we stood in a circle. All of us slightly out of breath. "Go ahead. They probably just finished a quarter of the movie," Mark said, surprising me. "Wha-."

"Dude, we can both see your head isn't here. Come on, we've seen you play," Jeremy said. "Yeah, your head is obviously not here and it's obviously on Rose so, as much as I'm going to regret saying this, go and spend some time with her," Mark said. My eyes darted between the two. "You're sure?" I asked. Mark smirked. "Get the hell out of here! The movie won't be playing all day," Mark said and I laughed while turning to run in the direction of the castle. "Thanks!" I called back.

I immediately ran to my room and took a five-minute shower then threw on some fresh clothes before running down the hall towards the cinema. I saw Rose coming out and stopped dead in my tracks. She looked towards me and seemed to freeze as well. "Shane," she said, looking surprised. "Hey, Rose," I said. A small smile tugged at her lips. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "Well, I was getting a bit tired of the football so I figured I'd come check out the movie with you guys," I said. Rose smiled. "You? Got tired of football?" She asked in disbelief. I pulled up my shoulders and tried looking innocent. Rose laughed then turned around. "Come on," she said.

I followed her into the cinema and we sat in the third row from the back, Matthew and Chanelle were sitting in the second row from the front. I put my arm around her and felt her instantly tense up. She pulled away and looked at me. I could barely make out her features in the dark but her eyes shone through it and they didn't look too friendly. "What are you doing?" She asked. I sighed. "Look, there's more or less one hour left of this movie right?" I asked. She nodded. "Well, for one hour, just one, do me a favor and forget about the wedding, forget about your duties and responsibilities and especially forget about being Princess Rosaline. Just be Rose." I smiled. "My Rose. Just for one hour," I said. Her eyes searched mine for a while. Her mouth opened then closed again. For a split second, I saw the girl that cheered for me on those bleachers in her eyes before they fogged up and I felt scared I'd lose her again. "Rose, please." I touched her cheek. "I miss you," I said honestly.



"So what's this one?" Ethan asked. I sat down next to him on the couch in the study as he paged through an album that lay on the coffee table. Somehow, he and I had a way of finding each other, massive as this castle was, but I didn't mind. I liked his company, more than I cared to admit to anyone, even him. I looked at the picture in the album and smiled. Ethan was gesturing towards a sketch of my grandfather and me. I was standing behind him with my arms tightly around his shoulders in a hug and he was holding my arms, hugging me back as we laughed while they took the photo. "Rosaline sketched that for me on our fifteenth birthday. She's really good at sketching but she hasn't done it in a while," I explained.

Ethan nodded and squinted a little then pointed at a picture."And this one?" He asked. I leaned over slightly to get a better look at the photo. "Oh, that was the day my grandfather took my siblings and I to the old town bridge," I said and studied the photo with a smile. It was a picture of Mark, Matthew, Rose, my grandfather and I crouched down in the wet grass under the bridge. Rose and I were in our matching pink raincoats, Mark and Matthew in their blue ones and my grandfather in his yellow one, it had rained earlier that day but he had his mind set on showing them to us. He was allowed to have his grandchildren two days every month where he had full custody so to say. The photo was taken from behind us, he showed us the nesting place of a duck and her ducklings. That was about a year before his death. Rose and I were both thirteen going on fourteen. "That's one of my favorites," I said.

Ethan smiled at the photo and studied it closer. "You know there's this one duck, or one of her offspring, that always nests there," he said. My eyes widened and I looked at him. Ethan looked at me. "What?" He asked. "How did you know about that?" I asked. That was supposed to be such a private thing. Ethan put his finger on the next photo. It was one of the bridge, that stretched from the one side of the river to the other side. It was a steel bridge but started out as a wooden one. Around the trees was a rich diversity of foliage. I leaned in to where he was pointing and saw the roof of what seemed to be a white house sticking out behind a few trees. "That's where I live," he said. My eyes widened again. "No way," I said with disbelief and looked at him. He chuckled. "It's true. My sisters and I sometimes go to feed the ducks. They love it," he said. I must have been staring because he asked, "What?" again. I felt something warm push up my chest then my heart skipped a beat. I shook my head. "Nothing," I said and looked at the album again. "How old are your sisters?" I asked. "Jaylinne is fifteen and Madison is turning ten next month," he said. I looked at him and froze. Ethan was looking right at me, our noses almost touching. Then he did something I really didn't see coming, he tilted his head slightly and brought his face closer to mine then kissed me. My eyes closed automatically at the gentleness and suddenness of it all. I barely felt it before I realized it was real.


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*BriBri: Haha. No, she really loves Shane but she's confused. I'm really not one for love triangles. I find them frustrating to write about... hmm, that actually gives me an idea for the ball. Thank you.

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*Spohie: Haha. Okay, so I might have been exaggerating when I said "filled" but at least there was a kiss.
Published: 3/18/2013
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