It's The Way You Make Me Feel

'Get lost' is what I want to say to you! I hope you will enjoy it.
The way you make me feel,
I lost it but now,
I will try to get my life in action,
I will live my life as a fiction,
I'll be happy, do you hear me?

I'll have pride, do you get me,
I'll build happiness in my heart like a lake,
I'll be a true pure girl not a fake,
I like and I love me very much,
The day I met you is a memory,
And my love for you is just theory.

You maybe the prince that every girl wishes for,
But I'm not wishing for you,
But a man is what I wish to vanish,
Poor favor, vanish from my life,
Or I'll be a monster, throwing you with knife.

'Cause jerks should not be in this beautiful world,
When you're such,
It isn't enough to use just this word!
Published: 3/17/2014
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