Jack of All Trades, Master of None

I'm talking about a Gemini man whom I am dating currently. It feels that Geminis are never still. They constantly want to do something, occur with a new idea and go on and on and on. I’ve recently learned how to stay in with this guy and keep the relationship going. A short poetry explains it all.
The times I knew he sticks around,
Are the best times I would stay,
But when he wanders around,
For he’s blessed and loves to play.

I trust him with all his things,
And let him make his way,
Until he finds time and believes I’m waiting,
He runs back into me holding to pray.

Look at his innocence, his dear little hands,
Struggling to reach me and thinking to stay,
But again, I know he’s a run away baby,
Though he realizes he needs me,
But the world is what he likes so much more.

I won’t force you into me darling, don’t you worry,
Because life is every time about a Gemini being with her,
Her, being a Cancerian, a dreaded situation,
But I’ll try the best to keep calm and give you your time,
And will hang around you when you need mine.
Published: 7/21/2014
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