Je Suis Désolé (I Am Sorry)

Title says it all...
You can try to hide away
From their prying eyes
But it doesn't matter because
To yourself you're just a failure
A failure as a daughter
As a sister, as a part of a family
But you pretend it's okay
Because there is nothing left to do
So you smile and laugh
Playing out life as if its act one
Then you turn your face away
And in shame you act out the finale
You can't help but cry
And you can't even catch your breath
The truth screams in your mind
Nobody cares, so why should I?
And they ask you what's wrong
But you're too ashamed to say
That you're terrified of them
It hurts too much
Because in the end
You always screw it up.
Published: 2/22/2009
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