Jessie Hunter - Chapter 13

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Jessie's POV

I saw something... I saw it somewhere before. That symbol. My father is the ruler of that guy who raped me. I took a sharp breath then looked at the dragon symbol. It's breathing fire.



I was running in the woods, Sean was right ahead of me. "Run Sean! Run!" I shouted. I wanted to get to Sean but my legs were too short.

I hid behind the tree, hoping this person wouldn't see me, but I was wrong. "Don't hurt me, I want to go to Sean." I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, they were rosy red. But this big man scared me.

He had a smile on his face. It was frightening. I looked to see if Sean was out there to help but he was gone. I told him to run. I got pushed to the floor. I was afraid.

He started taking off my dress, but he used his nails. They were sharp like papa's knife. He forced his weight on top of me. I scratched his face, but my body went numb when I felt a surge of pain go through me. I struggled to get him off, I fought back but it was no use.

He kept on hurting me. "Please stop... you're hurting! Please stop don't do that!!" The pain got intense. I was about to scream but he covered my mouth. I wished someone could come and help me, but Sean was gone already. I'm glad he's okay.

I looked at the man standing up. He was done then walked away. I was lying there on my back, looking up at the sky and the trees. After he totally disappeared I sat up but saw blood streaming down my legs. I started crying again.



I took a few steps back. I remembered what happened to me. He looked confused and Erick had a blank look on his face.

"You have no idea what one of your men did to me, do you?" Erick tried to grab hold of my hand but I pulled away my hand. My focus was on the man in front of me.

"You sent them out there to kill and murdered my parents in front of my eyes. My little brother Sean and I saw how they were killed. You killed the people that I loved, who I felt safe with."

This was upsetting him. And I'd love to see him crack at breaking point. "They were traitors, memories were planted into you head. What part of that don't you understand? Huh?" I felt Erick's hand tighten on my arm. I didn't even know he was there. I looked at my 'father'. "I'd rather choose those memories over this!" I looked at Heyden. He looked surprised with my tone.

I looked back at him. "I hate what I am. But I despise what you are even more." I was disgusted by this man in front of me. I looked back to Erick who's grip is hurting me now.

"Piss off Erick... I can't believe I thought you cared. Go to your king and serve him like the lap dog you are."
"Watch your mouth Hanna!" He hissed under his breath. I yanked away my arm hard.
"Boo hoo I don't give a shit. Whoever is eavesdropping I don't give a shit! His men didn't care whether I was a child. They took away my innocence when I was six." He cocked his head in surprise.

I looked at my 'father' once again, "You see why I hate and despise your kind, because they kill and hurt innocent people. He raped me. I know if my father was still alive he'd have stopped the man but where the hell were you? Here... sipping on the most finest tea with blood in it."

He was under pressure, I could see it but he didn't show any signs of weakness. "That is enough Hanna!" His voice was booming through the room. It made my insides shift.

I looked at him then said, "Well, if you must know I go with the name Jessie HUNTER." I slurred my surname. He looked irritated.

"Listen you little brat. God you're so much like your mother. But if I knew who this person is then I swear on my life I will find him and kill him with my bear hands." He had a murderous look in his eyes. He was about to add something to it, but dropped the finger he was about to say.

"I'm no brat, he is..." I referred to Heyden. "I had to live on the streets because you constantly found me and killed my foster parents. Now tell me, who really lived the luxury life. Oh plus my beauty never got me anywhere so you can drop the act of pretending you care. Because you really don't give a shit about me."

"Take her away from me Erick. I will deal with my daughter another time."

Erick pulled me by the arm hard. I looked at him, he loosened his grip then said, "Just don't try anything stupid, okay." I rolled my eyes at him.

He dragged me all the way to a room I presume was mine. I saw everything was pink, the bed sheets, the cupboards, and the dressing tables. "Euww... so not my color," Erick laughed then said, "You're sure about that? You used to let me paint the white roses pink for your satisfaction," I shook my head, "Things change, don't they?" I walked to a board with a lot of pictures pinned onto it.

There was a table under it. It looked like a shrine for me. "I'm not dead."
He laughed then said, "Actually those were put there for people to pray for your safety. It's been full every night. You had each and everyone here in the castle wrapped around your finger. You were adorable..." he trailed off. I raised my eyebrows at him. Did he have a thing for me or what?

"Excuse me princess," I crossed my arms across my chest.
"Jessie is more reasonable since I grew up with that name." He smiled then said, "You have your mother's second name Vanessa. It means butterfly. You've changed I see."

I faked a smile then said, "Yeah I know. How old are you anyway. I mean really?"

He replied, "18 and for the record. Vampires have a choice to look their age. But some of us choose to be young." I sighed impatiently, "Really? I haven't noticed. When am I getting out of here?"

He didn't say anything. I grew impatient. I headed for the door but Erick grabbed me before I could take another step. He held my hands in the air, but let me go after getting my attention.

My chest was up against his, causing me to look up at him. Those green vivid eyes, they were hypnotizing. I just starred.
"Where were we before my idiotic brother Markus intruded? Oh, yeah this." He leaned forward slightly waiting for me to come closer. I so badly wanted to but I thought of Mike.

The door opened, it was Heyden. He looked surprised and amused by the sight he has just seen.
"Well, well, well... the girl who hates us I quote 'I hate what I am but despise your kind even more.' Is falling for one." He had a pleasant voice. I backed away from Erick.

"Don't worry Erick I won't tell my father. Besides you two got secretly engaged when we were just toddlers. I was the priest," I wanted to laugh, but just kept the amused smile on my face. Engaged... Me to Erick seriously? That was just child's play.

"Well, maybe one day you'll see us at the altar for real." I said unaware that I thought it out loud. I saw Erick's eyebrows raise as well as Heyden's.
"Erhmm... that won't be able to happen. You're first born so you take over the castle. Plus two weeks after our birthday you'll be married to a prince and...."
"Oh heck no, you've been here longer than me, I wasn't raised to be queen Jessie." I said shaking my head.
"You mean queen Hanna." He corrected me.

The name sounded stupid. Why not give my first name Vanessa. "I'm not going to say anything. That name sucks." He frowned then said, "Well father is waiting for you in his study. Erick will take you there since he's being so fond of you." He said opening the door for us. I checked what the heck isn't going to be a pleasant meeting anyway. So why not just make it quick.
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Published: 12/16/2013
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