Jesus Knows My Heart

Jesus can read beyond your wall.
Jesus knows my heart,
He knows when my heart is in war,
He sent me a gift of peace,
He knows when am feeling frown,
He sent me smiles.

He knows when my soul is full of hate,
He sent me a gift of love,
He knows when am sad,
He sent me a gift of joy.

He knows when am blank,
And couldn't form a word of prayers,
He sent me powerful words of prayers.

He knows when am scared,
He sent me courage,
He knows when I'm in trouble,
He sent me contentment.

He knows when am in doubt,
He sent me assurance,
He knows when am jealous,
He sent me satisfaction,
He reminds me jealousy is not the way.

He knows when am helpless,
He sent me help,
He knows when am being bias,
He sent me equity.

He knows when am drowning off in sins,
He saves me with redemption,
He made us hug in embrace of joy,
Upon defeating the demons.

His joy is beyond the product of this world,
He is the light that drove my darkest part away,
He knows my heart, our hearts, and as long as we believe in him,
The future will forever be safe and successful for us.
Published: 6/12/2015
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