Jesus Poems

Scholars suggest that the teachings of Jesus Christ were meant to be read as poems that over two millennia and converted by multiple translations, got transformed to prose. What other form of literature would be better to venerate Christ than poetry? These poems talk about his beliefs, teachings, and what he means to his many followers.
I'm Praying For You
Religious poem.
My Blood Transfusion
Celebrating Easter, 2017.
God's Kingdom Reigns
Spiritual poem.
From The Lord I Come
Yearning to be in his presence.
In God's Exchange Bazaar
With God, you can trade all your troubles to gain eternal peace.
Who Could Have?
Christ did so much for the undeserving.
The Deeds of My God
Reasons to need GOD.
But I Can't Say a Word
I stumbled as I stammered figuring my next move something I never did before. Ahh.. Umm, he made me this way for quite a while now.
To my Road Tracker
To track my way to Heaven, Jesus is the surest Road tracker.
A Remnant People
This is a poem I recently composed for church-related purposes. Please read and comment.
Not Even in a Second
Preparing hearts towards the imminent rapture...
Morning Prayer
Feeling hopeful.
Worthy Lord!
Thanksgiving to the only worthy Lord.
I Believe
I am of God and by his grace I'm made to believe.
It's Not About You...
Hey you, be a good Christian - Ha! man, stop attracting. In the church all you do, must be about God.
Jesus Knows My Heart
Jesus can read beyond your wall.
The Scripture and my Life
The holy scripture is an embodiment of life in all its capacities.
The Cross I Wear
A poem about not being ashamed of your faith.
A Stranger's Journey - Here To Eternity
This poem mirrors the struggles of a man who largely is poor and homeless, but recognizes a relationship with 'His Creator' (God). He describes his apprehensions and misgivings, and pleads to 'The Father' for help in dealing with...
I Don't Simply Love Jesus Because...
Happy New Year! May the Lord God bless you always!
Offered, Not Taken
My heart is poured out for my King and Lord, who is the reason for this season. Merry Christmas to all of you!
I Cry Unto Thee, Oh Lord!
This poem is praising God.
Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you Lord, You never let me down. I love you so much... Thank You for Your support on my IELTS test last Oct. 12, 2013.
People of God
Blessed are those people of God...
Jesus, My True Inspiration
I love You, Jesus. You are, indeed, my true inspiration and love. Thank you so much.
Why I Love Jesus
So many reasons to love You, Lord. I love You, Jesus.
Jesus Christ is With Me
This is an acrostic poem for Jesus Christ. I love You Lord with all my life.
Dear Jesus
This poem is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank You Lord Jesus
This poem is dedicated to all people in the world, especially for those who believe in Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading my poem.
A Change of Heart
If you've felt the need to explain the difference between being religious and being a Christian, I know how you feel. I prefer, desire and strive to be called a Christian, a child of the Most High God. Enjoy!
Where is My Faith?
It is easy to give praise when all is good. But how about when is all knocking you down? Where does your faith go?
You Loved Me With Goodbye
I just hope this touches and warms your heart.
Heaven on Earth
The first piece to a new series: #7... This piece embodies 7 elements of the Most High!
The One Lord
In this poem, I've tried to describe the Lord.
The Lengthening Crucifix
This poem is about being in church as a child and reflecting on those times later as a young man.
God's Faithfulness
Something that just came to my mind while shoveling snow.
The Lenten Season
Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days and resisted the temptations set by devil and proved his trust, faith and loyalty to God The Father. Here is a poetic description about the Lenten season from Luke 4: 1-13. Hope you get it right...
Faith, Hope, Love, Destiny... Divinity. Hope you like.
Prayer to My Heavenly Father
The poem is a prayer to God, expressing my heart and how I feel.
Though I am Human, Still He is a God
This shows how great our God is. His presence, His love, His power is unfathomable. In spite of our limitations as human, He still loves us tenderly and welcomes us with wide hands. He remains being a God although we sometimes...
Outpour From God's Heart
Something for Jesus, my God and the One I always fall back on.
I Love You More Than I Can Say
A poem professing my love to the Lord.
Make Her Alive, My Jesus?!
Title says it all...
Jehovah, Jesus, and Immanuel
Belief in Jehovah- My father. Jesus my first love and Immanuel My son.