Jobs Felons Can Get

Wondering what kind of jobs felons can get? Read on to know how to go about finding employment and jobs for felons...
Let me get this straight, jobs for felons i.e. people who have been convicted and served term in prison, are not at all easy to get by. Employers are very apprehensive about hiring people who have a dicey past. Still, everyone of us deserves a second chance in life and so do the convicts. Research shows that felons who start earning and became financially independent, are much less likely to re-enter the crime scene again. Keeping this in mind, government as well as many private employers, do give felons a chance to earn a livelihood and live a life of responsibility and dignity, similar to the rest of the people in the society, by coming up with schemes to provide jobs for felons. Scroll down for some useful info on such jobs felons can get.

Jobs for Ex-offenders and Felons

For all those who want to know, "how to find good jobs for felons", one of the easiest ways is to go to the website of "Employment Development Department, USA". There, you will find a list of companies that hire felons. These companies are a part of the "Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)" program started by the government, in which, the government provides tax exemptions to employers who hire people who can not find employment elsewhere. The organizations that fall under this program offer a number of opportunities for ex felons.

Non-profit organizations, that work for the upliftment and care of the needy, are a good place to find employment and jobs for convicted felons. Working in such organizations for a year or so can be a great experience for an ex convict and can even transform him completely. Moreover, it will be a good addition to his resume and he may find it easier to find employment in any other field after serving in a social service organization or a church program or as a volunteer in the salvation army. That's why, amongst all the jobs felons can get, these are one of the most popular choices.

Another tip on how felons can get jobs is to try the armed forces. Since the year 2006, the navy and the army have been recruiting people who have been convicted in the past. So, get in touch with the local army recruiter, take an appointment and meet him. Depending upon the eligibility criteria as well as the offense a felon was convicted for, the army recruiter will be able to guide him on the felony job opportunities that he might have in the army.

For those of you who are looking for jobs felons can get in the private sector, there are many market research companies who hire felons to take surveys for them online. In fact, the Internet is one source where felons can find a great potential to earn money. Online selling, online content writing, working as an online customer service representative - there are various types of jobs for convicted felons. If you are looking for an offline job, local restaurants are a good place to try your luck. They may hire an ex convict as a delivery boy or a waiter. Felons can even check out local departmental stores for jobs as customer service representatives. For those who have a driving license, they can look forward to being a commercial vehicle driver for a business. Construction workers, telemarketers, and carpenters are some other work opportunities for convicted felons.

This was in short about some of the jobs felons can get. Although, these jobs are not so well paying, yet a felon can make enough money with them and take care of his needs, without resorting to doing anything illegal again. As can be seen, there are plenty of jobs out there for felons. If not jobs, there are various government grants for felons available, which can help them start their own small business. All it takes is the effort and will to lead a transformed, good life!
By Aastha Dogra
Published: 2/7/2011
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