John's Ballad

A story of friendship.
Well, me and John went on a drinking spree,
Got drunk on fortified, felt wild and free,
No walls and no fences could hold us in,
Got drunk that night, ain't gonna do it again.

Well, we'd been friends since the age of ten,
We'd run outta school, go and play in the pen,
Got into some scrapes with some other kids,
Back then it was life, it was just what kids did.

We chased the girls down at the old dance hall,
We lost our virginity that night I recall,
When John met Carly and I met Kate,
We didn't know then how much we tempted fate.

Well, Carly got pregnant and John got sick,
He was far too young to ration his dick,
I laughed at him and said, 'John my bruv,
'You gotta stick by that girl and give her your love.'

Well John got married and I did too,
It was a double wedding with the usual crew,
We raised our glasses in a toast to good health,
Good luck, prosperity and a whole loada wealth.

We both got jobs down at the old wood mill,
But John couldn't hack it and he took to pills,
Carly and him were rowing all the time,
John told me it was driving him out of his mind.

Well me and Kate, we tried to patch them up,
Said, 'Come on now folks, think of what you got',
But it was too late, the fuse had been lit,
John and Carly got divorced in a heapful of shit!

Well John was plagued by suicidal thoughts,
But he lived for his kid, she was all that he'd got,
Then when Carly took out a restraining order,
John finally snapped and he crossed that border.

Well John lost his job to a drunken rant,
Went in that morning, stuck it to the man,
I tried hard to calm him but he pushed me away,
Walked out of that yard and disappeared for days.

He was found in the gutter, a mere inch from death,
I was there when he woke on that hospital bed,
He blinked twice and said, 'Man, my life is a mess,
'I can't hold it together, that much I confess.'

I said, 'John, we been friends since we were kids,
'And I'm gonna stand by you and help you through this.'
He smiled at me then with a heapful of thanks,
And said, 'Man, I love you,'and he reached for my hand.

He put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye,
I squeezed him gently and left before I cried,
With a tear on my cheek and an ache in my heart,
I looked back through the window on a broken heart.

Well John was dry for a couple of months,
But he was melancholy, kinda missing the fun,
Then outta the blue, he pleaded with me,
'We gotta get together for that one last spree.'

Well we went on that spree for old times sake,
And I must confess that it was a mistake,
For John got drunk and he started a fight,
With a kid from the wrong side of town, with a knife.

Now I stand over the hole as they lower him in,
Pay my last respects to a beautiful friend,
I wipe away a tear as I walk away,
My head full of reminisce of yesterday!
Published: 1/9/2016
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