Jokes and Puzzles

Some jokes and puzzles that will make you laugh.
Mahatma Gandhi said: Laziness is man biggest enemy
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said: Love your enemies...

Santa said: Let’s try to speak English
Banta said: Ok, let’s try, first you try.
Santa: How are you?
Banta: I am in well, I hope you are also in the well.

Santa said: How can people stay without bathing for months?
Banta asked: Why are you asking this from me?
Santa: Because I got rashes in just 20 days.

Banana was teasing apple by saying.
"Everyone cut and eat you."
Apple said, "Oh really! You are eaten naked."

Do you want to confuse anyone?
Then leave him in a circular room and say him to find corners.

There was a rabbit, he daily used to go to a butcher and say, "Do you have a carrot?"
One day the butcher got angry and broke his teeth.
Think what will happen next...
What is going to happen?
Next day he/the rabbit went to the butcher and said, "Do you have carrot juice?"

What will you call a rope wounded around 2 trees of people?
Nokia connecting people.

One hand on fry pan and other on phone,
One ear on gossip, other ear on cooker vessel,
One eye on TV other on other on neighbor,
Which stupid said that a housewife's life is easy?

Once upon a time there was a man who was jumping constantly. His neighbor came and asked that why are you jumping?
He answered that he has taken a syrup (medicine) and after taking it he read what was written on it - 'shake it before drinking' and he forgot to do so.
So he started jumping so that the syrup get shakes in his stomach.

Published: 8/4/2011
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