Journey to the Hill

What does success mean to you as a student?
I've finally made it! I'm finally here!
After so... long, I finally see you do care,
I've waited so long for this moment to come,
My heart can't stop beating, it's throbbing like a drum!

I've always wished of being in a smart school,
I've always wanted nothing more than to be cool,
Here I am enrolled at Holy Faith,
Here I am on my first day!

As I sit, I stare,
I see brilliant girls like myself everywhere,
I won't, I promised myself not to shed a tear,
But I have to for the struggles I almost couldn't bear.

For all the efforts I put into my studies,
For all the free time I devoted to my books,
All the times when I felt I had nobody,
Sacrificing even Facebook!
But greatest of all I had you, Jesus,
For not that I did it alone,
I knew at times I wanted to give up,
But you brought me home!

Because of you I'm sitting here,
Wearing this pretty red dress!
Because you truly love me and care,
I have attained remarkable success,
And I'm blessed.

This was a journey,
A struggle in itself,
The hard work, the time management, even peer pressure,
But it all has proven me well.

Alas, the journey has yet to begin,
For haven't I CXC and NCSE to fulfill?
Oh! Well, it's one step at a time,
As I journey to the hill!
What does this poem mean to you?
It invokes the true essence of a student.
It inscribes the true potential of a future scholar.
This was exactly how I felt on my first day of school.
It makes no sense at all, decline this poem.
What an amazing poem!
Published: 11/29/2012
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