Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 1

This is my first zombie story, it's not perfect but I hope everyone likes it.
'Man I hate this place.' I thought walking to the gym.

Then some guy bumped into me and I bet you he dared me to say something to him. I just stared and walked away. Calm down Nick, you're fourteen now and your second year of junior highschool is almost, you're almost there.

I wish it was that simple, exams are hard and the popular kids think they're better than everyone else. I made it to the smelly gym locker room and got changed. I made out of there and bumped into Lizzy, the girl I had a crush on since we were little kids and we're friends. Now she hangs out with the popular kids. We still talk once in a while, but when we do we don't talk for long time because her friend's always drag her away, because they don't want her to be seen with a kid like me.

"Hey Nick, how's it going?" Said Lizzy with a smile on her face I always enjoyed.

"Good, how about-" But I didn't finish my sentence because she ran off.

"I'll see you later Nick," said Lizzy and she walked off and met a guy and kissed him. He was tall and had brown hair. That guy was my best friend Ed. They talked and started holding hands, then they walked down the hall and disappeared into the crowd of students.

I was mad to be ditched like that. I was even mad at Ed because he knew I liked her first when he came around last year. Then he started dating her this year.


After that incident I was so furious, I decided not to go to my next period class and hang out on the outside steps of the school.

"Skipping class again Nick?" The voice made me jump. I turned around and it was Jess, one of my good childhood friends, she was the smart one in our group when we were little.

"Just leave me alone Jess." I groaned.

"Come on, are you still mad that Ed is going out with Liz this year. You need to grow up." Jess said.

"How can I... if Ed broke one of the most important friend codes, Thy shall not date Thy best friend's crush." I snapped.

"You know what just had out here, all you want I tried, but I couldn't convince you," Sighed Jess going down the stairs.

'Ah, who needs her.' I thought as I leaned on the railing. I hung out there until the class was over. Then I realized someone was at the school gate. I also saw three PE teachers and the principal was there with them, then one of the PE teachers grabbed the guy through the gate and the guy bit him, I heard him scream. A chill went up my spine. Then he fell to the floor and rose up and bite Ms. Cougar and then she bites the principal. The other two PE teachers ran in a different directions. Holy crap, I thought as I backed away from the stair landing not believing what I saw. Then I ran full speed up the stairs.
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Published: 11/24/2012
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