Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 3

Nick and the group fight their first pack of zombies. Then Nick remembers something that he will regret forgetting for the rest of his life. The first 9 chapters are ready, but I have to type them up. It will be at least a day or 2 until I submit them, so keep calm before then.
Me and Ed had our weapons ready, it looked like we were hunting for prey, on a hunt for food. Then Liz and Jess got ready too.

"Don't worry we got this," said Ed, bravely like he was a hero from an action movie.

Then out of nowhere more zombies came from the rooftop entrance. That's when fear started to take over me. I looked at the white hollow eyes of the zombies, they looked so dead. I looked at the others and they looked worried too. Then three more zombies came out the entrance of the roof. We watched as they limped towards us moaning and reaching for us like we were their lunch.

"Damn it spread through the school that quickly." Cracked Ed, "Now it's going to be harder to get out of here."

"We have to close the door before anymore of those assholes get up here." Said Jess, projecting her voice loud enough.

"You're alright?" Asked Lizzy putting a hand on my shoulder, it was warm and soft. It actually made me feel better about the situation.

"Y-yah!" I stuttered as I loosened up a little.

I gripped my bat ready to kick some zombie ass. The zombies limped closer to us still moaning and screaming.

"LET'S GO!" Yelled Ed as he jumped at the crowd of zombies swinging his metal pipe wildly, and he actually hit two of them at the same time. The zombies flew backwards as blood gushed from their skulls spattering everywhere on the concrete rooftop.

I followed after Ed and ran at a zombie. I gripped my bat hard and swung it with great force. It connected to the zombie's face and damn did it feel good as the zombie flew back and its teeth fell out its mouth, blood everywhere on my new shirt. A chill rose up my back as it did, but I didn't need to worry about it because I better get used to getting blood on me for now on.

I killed two more of them and Ed killed three more. I was surprised we were actually doing well too. We were about done, Ed closed the door to the roof and barracked it with the spare chairs the school left on the roof. Ed turned around to me and he had a look of fear and shock.


I turned around and a zombie jumped on me. I screamed trying to hold it back with the side of my bat. The zombie was pretty strong too. It chomped wildly trying to sink its teeth into my face. It hollow eyes staring into mine with no emotion at all, no remorse for killing me. I felt like it was the end of me, the end of it all, and me about to be a zombie's dinner. Then out of nowhere the zombie's face twisted into a really dead state. All I could hear was a power tool. It was Jess, she drove the needle at the end of the power drill into the skull of the zombie. Jess had a relaxed face because she made it in time. (Thank God, she made it in time.)

Jess drove the needle out of the zombie's head, chunks of its brain was still on it. I shoved the zombie off of me with disgust. Blood shot out the hole where Jess drilled into him.

"Thanks for saving my ass." I thanked Jess with fear still in my voice. I got up off the floor and stood up and my legs were still buckling.

"It would have never happened if Jess and Liz had helped us clear the zombies off the rooftop." Said Ed coldly. Looking at the door to see if it was secure.

"What I thought you said you got this." Said Lizzy copying Ed's deep voice.

I took a deep breath and exhaled trying to calm down from almost dying. While Ed looked at Liz like he wanted to smack her across the face.

"We need to find more survivors and form an army, we would be stronger that way." Said Ed.

"Yah, but we have to get off this roof first." Said Jess staring at the dead bodies and the mess we made.

"Man, I hope my pops is alright," said Ed staring off into the city where hell was still breaking lose.

Then my heart dropped into my stomach. I felt like an asshole. What older brother was I? I had totally forgotten.

"LILY!" I yelled slapping myself on the forehead as the three of them looked at me startled. "I forgot my younger sister Lily, she's still in the school!"
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Published: 11/26/2012
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