Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 5

Alright, now I'm switching to Ed's Point of View for now, as he looks for Nick in the zombie infested school. Hope you like it. Next Chapter coming soon, so stay tuned. Comment please.
Ed's POV

"Damnmit Nick!" I thought as my best friend charged through the crowd of zombies like a tank. I gripped the pipe tightly wondering what I should do; either run after him or stay here where it’s safe, but it wasn’t really safe anymore because the barricade was broken.

I let out a breath in defeat. "Well, I can’t just let him go in by himself." I thought. I glanced back at Jess and Liz who were both still shocked about what Nick had said and done.

"I’m going after him!" I called to them. They both looked at me with shocked faces. Then Jess stepped forward after a few seconds.

"I'll go with you," said Jess with some type of determination in her voice. I guess Nick's words got through to her somewhat bitchy and stubborn personality.

"No way." I said scratching my arm and looking back at the staircase where zombies were littered everywhere. "Damn Nick, who knew you were capable of doing all that when you're angry. I guess zombie killing releases a lot of stress." I smiled somewhat to that.

"Why not?" Cracked Liz, finally speaking up from her frightened trance. "We can look for him together." She looked at me with determination too. I could tell they were both serious and worried about Nick. But still, in case something happened, I needed them both here on the roof to try to get a signal.

"I know you guys are worried, but I need you to stay here and get a signal on your cell phones." I looked over at the city where the chaos was still breaking loose.

Liz and Jess both looked at each other with defeated faces. "Okay fine." They both said at the same time. Then Liz looked at me with concern. "Just be careful alright, don't go and get yourself killed."

Liz whipped out her phone and also did Jess, then they both started dialing numbers on their cell phones. Then Liz came and hugged me.

"Alright, I’ll be back with Nick and Lilly." I called, as I waved to them.

"You better be," said Jess in her usually bitchy tone and attitude as usual.


I ran into the staircase and jumped over the zombies Nick killed earlier. I could see his shoe print where he curb stomped the zombies' heads in. I ran down the stairs and then suddenly froze. A big glob of sweat ran down my forehead because I was scared out of my mind. I was shaking with nervousness. I didn’t want to go into the zombie infested school, I just couldn’t. But I had to save Nick and Lilly. So I sucked it up and opened the door, but I jumped back because something fell from the open door. It was a zombie who had his brains bashed in.

"Well, I can tell Nick's been through here." I said out loud sarcastically. As I looked at how quickly the school looked like a horror movie. Blood was on the walls and floors, papers were spread out everywhere. I almost threw up on the floor because the smell was horrible. It smelled like shit and the lunch rooms' food mixed together, trust me it was not a good smell at all.

I kept following the dead zombies to see if I could find Nick. I turned a corner and heard screams from a distance for a minute, then they stopped. I let out a breath. "Well, I guess the zombies got their next victim." I thought; scared with my head down. Then I kept walking down the long hall.

I turned another corner and I almost jumped because a few feet away a group of five zombies were eating a person. Well, what was left of a person because the only things I saw were fingers and legs. "That better not be Nick." I thought. But I knew it wasn’t because he wouldn’t be taken down that easily. My stomach started to curl. "Damn, that's messed up." I couldn’t look back because I had such a weak stomach, it’s not even funny. So I just turned around and ran another direction down the hall. But that was an epic mistake because when I turned a different corner my heart stopped, because when I ran into a hoard of zombies there were about ten of them.

I fell back on my ass because they had taken me by surprise. I looked up at the zombies that lunged at me, eager to eat my flesh. I gasped in terror as two Zombies fell on top of me. I was surprised how fast and strong they were. I was somehow holding them both back from biting my nose off my face. I was reaching for my pipe but it wasn’t in arm's reach, because it slid all the way across the floor. "Oh Shit. I’m screwed." I thought as the zombies were getting closer and closer, eager to eat my flesh.
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Published: 11/27/2013
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