Just A Dream - Chapter One

Hey guys, so I haven't written in a while, but I got this idea for a story and I hope you like it. Please comment.
"Nevaeh! Wake up. You're going to be late for school."

My mom shouted up the stairway. As usual she was too busy drinking to pay attention to me and she woke me up late. Running to the bathroom, I grabbed my clothes that I had laid out the night before, and hopped into the shower. I never have any time to look pretty. Ever since dad left, mom had fallen apart.

"You'd think that you could just take care of a 16-year-old girl. Not like it's that hard." I mumble to myself.

I run down the stairs and just barely have enough time to put my sneakers on, grab my bag, and catch the bus. I quickly look at myself in the mirror on the door. Red Hollister long-sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and a red pair of converse. 'Ugh. Mom couldn't have woken me up early enough to put makeup on for the first day of school.' Not like I have much makeup but I have enough.

Since dad left, mom decided to get a smaller apartment which would be easier for her to take care of. Unfortunately for me that means new school and no friends. Halfway through my junior year, transferring to a different school is almost impossible. I plug my headphones into my iPhone that my dad's paying for, I guess he figures he pays for my phone and he never has come to visit. I turn on my favorite song 'Live while we're young' By One Direction. I am totally obsessed with One Direction. And I will marry Niall Horan. I take a seat on the bus and run my fingers through my hair, I had forgotten to brush it. I pull my hip-length hair back into a ponytail. Could this day get any worse?


So I walk into the school, head down, not trying to draw attention to myself. But this school's small, so I'm sure they'll know that there's a new kid. First thing I see when I walk in is a flyer for their spring musical. I love music, but I don't think I'm very good at singing even though everyone who ever heard me sing says I'm amazing, but joining Theater the first day of school? Hmm. Maybe. I turn around to go to class and just my luck, I bump into the "popular" girls.

"Uh. Excuse you."
"Aw, look at the new kid."
"Too bad she can't afford cool clothes."
"Hey, leave her alone Lindsay." Did he really just say that? Gosh. He has to be the cutest guy in this school, and he's wearing a football jacket. So a jock's defending me? Well, that's new.

"Lol. Whatever." The three... I'm guessing cheerleaders walked away.
"Sorry about them, they can be, well ya know..."
"Cheerleaders? Haha. Don't worry about it."
"I'm Danny, by the way."
"Heaven spelled backwards."
"Haha, yeah."
"I like it."

"So meet any friends yet?"
"I've been here for 5 minutes and I've been insulted like 5 times. No, friends don't seem like an option."
"Well, I'll be your friend."
"But... you're a jock."
"Just because I'm good at football doesn't mean I'm a 'jock'."
"Well no, but those cheerleaders wouldn't have listened to you if you were just some kid on the football team."

"Wow, pretty and smart. I guess you're right, I am captain of the football team, but that doesn't mean I fit into the stereotype 'jock'."
"Well, I guess not."
"Come on. Let me walk you to class. Homeroom is first, what teacher do you have?"
"Uh, Mr. Hulit."
"No way. He's my homeroom teacher. Well, let's go homeroom buddy. Wow, that was lame."
Oh my goodness. This guy is crazy amazing. Do you believe in love at first sight? I'm starting too... but who am I kidding, he's captain of the football team. He obviously has a girlfriend. Gah. I feel like I'm in a dream.


"Alright guys settle down. People in theater there having a meeting in the auditorium." Mr. Hulit said, at least I have a kinda laid back homeroom teacher.
"I almost forgot. I have theater. You wanna join?"
"Uh, I don't know."
"Just come to the first meeting... please?" He said as he slowly grabbed my hand with both of his and started to walk away backwards out the door.
"I guess."
Gosh. Can he be any cuter? Come on Nevaeh, get over him already.

"Glad to see such a good turn out. And on the first day too! Ahh! This is so exciting. I smell musical in the air! This year we will be doing the musical Grease. The first characters we need to cast are the main characters, Danny and Sandy. So auditions will be tomorrow after school. And of course you will be auditioning to the song 'Summer Lovin'. Now, you can do a couple's audition or just a single audition. Either way. Be prepared to WOW me."

"Hey Nevaeh?"
"Would you wanna do the couple's audition with me?"
"Uh, sure yeah."
"Great. So wanna come over and rehearse after school?"
"Yeah, that'd be great."
"Awesome. Now homerooms almost over, what do you have next?"
"Uhh..." I pause and take the schedule out of my pocket. "I have chemistry."
"Chemistry, huh? That means you're a junior? I'm a senior. That means we probably don't have any of the same classes. What do you have after chemistry?"
"Uh, English then Precalculus and Art."
"Ohh, a smart junior. That means we have Precalculus together and lucky for us, Art."


Art Class

"So Nevaeh, last quarter we drew our self-portrait. And now we're painting them. You can just paint whatever you want."

"Okay, thanks Mrs. Baker."
Danny helped me get out all the paints and the apron and all that stuff. Then he started painting, but he wasn't painting his canvas. Nope. He painted a smiley face on my jeans. Oh, but don't worry I got him back. I painted a smile over his smile. And that started a paint fight. Now you would normally think that the art teacher would throw a fit. But instead she helped out.

"This art room needed some character anyway. And there's the bell. You guys have a good afternoon."
She practically shouted as everyone rushed out the door.
"So, to my house we go! Don't you need to call your parents?"
"Oh. Trust me, my mom won't notice."
"Ahh. That kind of mom?"
"Well, let's get going."

We walked to his house since it's only a couple of minutes away from the school. We talked about everything. I've never felt more myself around a guy. Most of the time I try to hide the real me, but Danny didn't give me a chance too. He's different. But a good different. He's special.


Sorry the chapter is a little short. Next one will be a little longer and hopefully it will only take me a couple of days to post the next chapter. Thanks guys!
Published: 2/1/2013
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