Just Another Day!

Nowadays people are like machines. Look back at your life, what do you see? Is it a boring, dull life or a fun and joyous life? Just for once enjoy your life. Spending time with family and friends etc... Then you don't have to tell my days are always as the day before!
Lights seeping through the curtain,
It's just another day!
Just as the day before,
Wishing to fade away into the dark.

As for brightness doesn't bring hope,
On this aimless world,
I hope to live but,
Not as puppet on a show.

Life became blur,
As nothing is clear,
We became busy as bees,
Whereas no one spared a smile.

Neither a glance,
Loneliness strive within,
Where stress and depression became partners,
Families aren't families anymore,
Friends aren't friends anymore.

Just some shareholders with some bonds,
Being carefree is a question,
It's just another day!
As the day before.
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Published: 4/30/2013
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