Just Another Scary Movie

Slasher movies.... They're all the same, are they not?
Another time, another life,
Another victim of the knife,
Another stage, another play,
Another horror takeaway.

Another bloody, gory scene,
Another slasher on the screen,
Another teenage girl to scream,
Alas, to me it's all the same.

Another party gone to Hell,
Another stink of rancid smells,
Another bucketful of puke,
And I wonder why I took a look.

Another obvious twist,
Two minutes in, you get the gist,
The same old nightmare once again,
It no longer entertains.

Jason, Freddie, Michael Myers,
Exploring their carnal desires,
The same old script, the same old cast,
The same old shadows of the past.

Mandy, Emmet, and Ghostface,
Axel Palmer, Norman Bates,
A Leslie Vernon comedy,
It's just another Scary Movie!
Published: 2/23/2015
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