Just Be Happy

I haven't put anything on here in a while and I decided this song was something I could put up. The first 2 lines were inspired by my cousin who said, "I go where I like, and I like where I go." I had to use it in here somewhere, it's a pretty cool line.
Go where you like,
Like where you go.

If you don't try it,
How can you know,
Then you won't be happy,
That’s what they all say.

And even though that’s pretty much true,
If you really can’t, don’t be sad and blue.

Because really...
It doesn't matter,
If you never get to be on TV.

It doesn't matter,
If you never see,
Or new york city.

As long as you make someone else happy.
You've done it all...

Take from someone who's been up,
Down and all around,
Happiness is still a bit better,
Than the cha-ching sound.

You want to know how,
To get that wow.

Just stay in bed,
Better yet,

Give it to someone else instead.
And just be happy.

You know these times are tough,
The devil’s everywhere,
And he’s calling our bluff.

You’re only helping him out,
If you sit there sad,
Thinking about all the good times,
You could’ve had.

No matter how bad,
He makes the rat race,
Just be glad,
You ain’t with him face to face.

And for goodness' sake, just be happy.
Published: 9/1/2012
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