Just Keep Smiling

You let them know, and they turn their backs on you...
They look at me

With accusations in their eyes

They seem to think

It would be better if i died.

But if they only knew

Would they still judge me?

Would they look away

Or would they really see?.

Nobody knows

What I go through

Nobody cares

Not even you.

So let me know

Who should I tell?

Who should I let in

To my never ending hell?.

My only relief

Is when I go to you

"Tell me, I won’t care"

I feel like such a fool.

Why’d I let you in?

Try to let you see?

When all you ever saw

Was what you wanted me to be?

I’m not perfect

I just want my life back

So for once, somebody

Please just cut me some slack?
What did you think?
it's ok
like it
love it
want some more of it
hate it
it's just scribbles to me
Published: 11/29/2008
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