Just Leave

In someone else's point of view... not mine.
If you wanna leave...
Why don't you just leave already?
I've messed you up too many times,
Just make me one promise,
Please don't get me out of your mind.

Your love is something that I've always wanted.
And I have it.
But I know in your heart,
You want to leave.

You're tired of all the pain and all the grief,
I don't understand why each time,
You have the chance to leave... you stay.
Don't you just want me to go away?
I have caused you so much pain.

Was every tear worth it?
Or are you insane?
Remember all the times you've fought with me?
I treat you like you're some kind of my property,

I know we don't say it all the time.
But remember you've said,
"I am yours." and I said, "you are mine."?
I've hurt you so badly...
Why don't you just leave?

Could it be that we've done this before?
And I know, you may think that I'm not trying.
Just please understand
That my love for you is undying.
I want you happy.
Are you happy with me?

It seems like when we kiss and touch,
I just love you so much,
I may not understand why you haven't left yet,
All I know is that you're happy,
I love you though.
Just please, please don't ever leave me.
Published: 11/18/2011
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