Just Please Go Away

A love poem about a lover that leaves, and wants to return
Here you are with tears in your eyes
crying into my arms to take you back
teasing me with your charm
after all you have said and done
I thought I have seen everything
I guess I was wrong.

Where was you when the sun went down,
and the skies turn dark and gray, where was
you when the northern winds blew, tell me honey
where was you.

I heard that you was living in Boston
with all your high class friends, you
told them all that I was down and out,
and even our love you denied,
oh what pleasures it gives me now
to know that you’re hurting inside.

You was my life, you where my love,
you where every move that I made,
but recently my opinion of you has
changed, now the jokes on you I'm

I have a love now he's so beautiful
for him I could no longer wait
I loved you once I don't love you no more
so please go away, before you spoil everything
for my love for you has turn to hate
just please go AWAY.

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Published: 3/22/2009
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