Just Waiting

Before I break.
Sitting here in my place I remember all the good times we had together
All the laughter and teasing
All the memories
All the tears of laughter, crying so hard
I look back into the past trying to keep a hold on me and you
But inside my heart I can feel you walking away
Leaving me here alone, with nobody to cry on

To nobody to laugh with
Nobody to hear my jokes
Nobody but you and me
I sit here every night talking to you
But you never talk back to me
You never laugh at my jokes
My ill humor
You never watched me die inside
You never put your arms around me and tell me stupid things just to hear me laugh
Instead being here with me, you sit just and stare

Waiting for me, watching for me to break
Waiting for me to feed you
Waiting for me for me to be with you
Before I break, before I go
Could you just sit there, instead of staring?
Could you be with me for the last time?
Could you just be me for me?
I can’t just let you go
I just can’t do anything anymore
I just can’t say goodbye
It’s becoming harder to do anything more
Can’t you just let me be me?
Published: 2/22/2010
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