"Just With You"

This is an acrostic poem which forms the name of my lover. A poem that describes our sweet and unending love story.
Being with you is completing my everyday
Embracing you would ease my labor all day
Venturing with you make me fearless whatever come our way
Endurance on our story is everything we lay
Reminiscing the moments together makes me laugh each day
Loving you would never be a mistake everyday
You! Will be mine if you allow me someday

Forever you and me, together we will stay
Openness, is a key to our relationship anyway
Now and tomorrow we somehow have a love story to play
Thank you for loving me and I am grateful everyday
Actions make our love visible all say
Nothing can separate us, no matter what it may
Always I am yours, I love it to say
Resting with you is my comfort I can have for a day

Zest of happiness is something I want to slay
Adding some surprises make you enjoy your stay
Relieving me in times pain is something I cannot repay
Among all the ladies, to you I am attracted the most
Time with you is nothing can cost
Each day I cherish because I spend it just with You
Published: 8/22/2011
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